KILLING JOKE – Corporate Elect (Single)

KILLING JOKE – Corporate Elect (Single)

Stark and eye opening, MMXII is Killing Joke’s best release to date, ‘Corporate Elect’ is to be unleashed as the second single from this monster. It will be available to download from the 3rd December 2012.

2012 has been a massive year for Killing Joke, seeing massive tours and the release of ‘MMXII’, The band are set to unleash this, ‘Corporate Elect’, one of the most dark and shockingly real tracks from their latest LP.

‘Corporate Elect’ is, in essence the sum of all our fears, our realisations, our nightmares, put into music. Lyrically it follows the vein of the end of the democracy, the rise of dictatorship, whilst this isn’t as obvious as Saddam Hussein or Hitler, this is a different kind of dictatorship, a kind that we ourselves have invited into our lives…it’s the global domination of banks, of multi nationals that control every aspect of everything that we hold dear.

Musically however, this track is dark, it eats are your core, it’s fast and it’s unrelenting, the drums pound at your skull like a sledge hammer, the guitar work is filthy, it’s dirty, it’s messy, it’s fucking brilliant. Jaz Coleman spits out the lyrics like venom, the sounds are acidic, they’re unfriendly. This IS the soundtrack for revolution!

The only thing that can save us is to educate people. You see unrest everywhere, but there’s no music to this movement – that’s the other interesting thing. We’ve made a dreadful mistake.

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