KING GOAT – King Goat (EP)

KING GOAT – King Goat (EP)

The UK doom scene is buzzing right now, with bands popping up left right and centre, all eager for a piece of this fuzzy retro rock revival that seems to be infecting the minds and ears of music listeners everywhere. 

King Goat are another band to add to this ever growing scene, this isn’t a bad thing, there is a King Goat shaped hole that needs filling, and with this their self-titled second release their niche is filled.


This EP is just three tracks, but from that comes over 25 minutes of progressive doom from one of the UK’s finest up and coming doom acts, so you find yourself with a thirst for more after this is all over. The opening track of this EP is the longest; Final Decline’s beginnings seem somewhat humble, low guitar licks dance around in the distance. All before this track builds into a far eastern groove – the psychedelic effects are in full swing before falling away to a crushing doom chorus! Whilst this is mostly instrumental, when the vocals do slam down, they do so with force. Screams and smoky harmonies work together and bring something inherently evil to the altar.

The centre piece of this ritual comes in the form of Cult Obscene a somewhat classic sounding psychedelic exercise in doom. Whilst appearing as a straight out doom, it’s anything but. Intriguing basslines criss cross with some seriously interesting guitar work. I find this mix to be really quite memorising especially when entwined with commanding and melodic vocals.

Finishing up the EP comes Melian’s Trance which is simply massive! There’s no two ways about that fact. There is nothing about this finale that is anything short of perfect. Smashing out of the gates comes a Candlemass-esque riff that builds ever bigger with some seriously evil vocals. Ritualistic chanting continues into what I can only class as an unforgiving modern doom track. If ever there were a track destined to be played live, it is this. Its groove lends itself to a live surrounding.

King Goat is an impressive EP to say the least, and whilst for me it’s criminally short, it’s definitely gained my attention for the next release. I have to see these guys live this year. I will not be happy until I do.  

King Goat fuse together standard doom with a psychedelic groove. Add to this a smoky middle eastern tones and brilliant production. This self-titled EP shines bright… much like the future for King Goat if they keep this up!