KODIAK JACK – Alhambra

KODIAK JACK – Alhambra

Since the arrival of debut album Your Death, My Glory in 2011, Kodiak Jack have been busy creating more sounds for their ever growing fanbase. 

This five piece crew from the south coast are ready to blast the music scene with Alhambra which is out on the 23rd June via Angry Badger Records.


Opening track Get Out Alive is one of those songs that doesn’t like foreplay, this goes straight in for the kill. Kodiak Jack fill the air with guitar riffs and strong vocals, a starter to whet the appetite. Brother continues with the powerful singing of Bryn Roberts, a frontman who’s in the mould of Chris Robertson of Blackstone Cherry. It’s slower song compared to the opener and a definite highlight of the record with beautiful and exhilarating guitar riffs.

Alhambra holds three tracks from the previous album, but offers updated versions which show that they’re growing musically. Wasted Youth is one those tracks. Blood begins to pump around the body as Jon Karp and Jeff Arnold lead us through euphoric riffs with the deep and moody vocals of Roberts and the crazy drumming of Kieran Bellinger.

Tracks such as Crossfire have a heavier guitar sound and allow the wonderful Kev Farren to show off his bass skills. All members up their game: not to outdo each other but to show how big their sound can be together. The intro to No Surrender is reminiscent of a radio friendly The Offspring and builds with tension and passion as it moves on.

Waves complete clears the senses. If you have hayfever then this may make your eyes water more. It is dark and seedy, the guitars are filthy mixed with Bryn’s vocals that are impressive. He’s on the road to becoming a helluva front man.


The second album can be the one that tells the world what to expect, either a “goodbye” or “we’re here to stay.” Kodiak Jack are not messing around. They have the foundation of a good rock career laid down by their heavy sound, soulful singing and the impetus to create. 

If Alhambra is the one to sell Kodiak Jack to the world, then boy, this is the one that will put the band in the running for British rock band of the year.