LASTWIND – Return of a Sonic Assassin

LASTWIND – Return of a Sonic Assassin

With a name like Lastwind and an album title concerning Sonic Assassins some of you will think perhaps this band is somehow connected to Hawkwind.

You would be correct.

Lastwind is another spinoff from the legendary sixty’s psychedelic band Hawkwind.  Forming originally in 2006 by Paul Hayles (formally a member of Hawkwind and Sonic Assassins) the band successfully toured with Hawkwind before the band had to be put on the back boiler for various reasons until recently.

In “Return of A Sonic Assassin” Paul Hayles has returned to form and created an album merging his influences and showcasing his immense talents. Producing songs similar to old school, early Hawkwind but dragging them into the 21st  Century, creating an almost concept style album.

For the more devout among you Paul has given a track by track breakdown of the songs meanings from Return of a Sonic Assassin on the official Lastwind website which is available  HERE


Return Of A Sonic Assassin is an instrumental track intended as an introduction to the album with it’s dark ambience and almost dream like sounds lulling you into an almost trance like state of relaxation before Winds Of Time follows on in with its sweeping Hawkwind style sound and lyrics singing about the passing of time.

In King Arthur Paul Hayles adds an element of  almost darkwave sounds as an under current bringing the classic psychedelic sounds more up to date and adding a modern twist upon the traditional sounds which you would expect to hear

Daytrippers is a more classic spacey psychedelic affair comparable to early seventies space rock  employed by Pink Floyd.

Autoroute is a more up to beat song with a more rock feel to it and deals with a car chase theme in Continental Europe.

When reverts to a more spacey, keyboard-led feel before Slots takes an almost rock approach to gambling, drinking and other vices.

Monster Trucks is a chunkier, heavier guitar powered song about Monster Trucks.

Who Dat Man is a political based number dealing with the the issues surround present prime minister and government and how out of touch they are with the common people.

Which Way When is a stoner-rock song which was wrote during a visit Paul made to South Africa before She’s A Girl reverts to an almost Jimi Hendrix style rock sound about women who love dancing and looking good

Wreckers closes the album with its return to space rock with tales of aliens  and scrap merchants who visit the planet to take what they want.

Overall with “Return of a Sonic Assassin” Paul Hayles has proved that he is back doing what he loves best, creating the psychedelic music that he loves.  This album will please fans of Hawkwind, and it’s associated splinter bands, as well as the more adventurous prog fan but as with all music of this nature you will either love or hate it depending upon where your musical preferences are.


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