LIVE REPORT: BREED 77, PROTAFIELD, ANTICLONE, PARESIS – The Met Lounge, Peterborough – 23/11/2014

LIVE REPORT: BREED 77, PROTAFIELD, ANTICLONE, PARESIS – The Met Lounge, Peterborough – 23/11/2014

Sunday nights can be a bit awkward to play because you never know if you’re going to get many people show up with a weeks work ahead the next morning.  The Met Lounge starts filling up early but never gets to capacity even by the end of the night.  That said it’s hardly a poor turnout which ensures an excellent atmosphere in one of Peterborough’s best small venues.


When you think of one man bands you can’t help but imagine someone sat on stage with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica clearly unable to play either properly.  Fortunately Paresis (aka Simon Fuller) offer considerably more both in terms of musical accompaniment and ability.  With the help of a keyboard synth set up and on stage sampling to go with an electric guitar what Paresis do is come very close to being a sort of solo version of  Psyclon Nine.  The vocals are similar as is the cyber goth beat.  Up tempo, original and highly entertaining this is an act with a very bright future.

Fresh from a European stint as main support for ragga metal legends Skindred local nu metal heroes AntiClone rip through their short but immensely tight set like their lives depend on it.  With impressive new bass man Dave Cooper combining with the masked Drew Moore on drums to anchor the set the rest of the band spend much of the time on the barrier or in the crowd, whipping up as big a storm as possible.

It’s not hard to see why the AntiClone boys are one of the fastest rising bands around at the moment.  Their time whizzes by in the blink of an eye, a triumph of solid songs backed up with a high energy live show.  Next year could well be the year of the Clone.

I’d not heard much about Protafield before tonight and it soon became apparent that was a mistake.  If Gary Numan had been born a few years later then you can almost imagine this is what his music might have sounded like.  With an undoubted metal foundation the neat thing about this outfit is their ability to bring in a distinct industrial EBM vibe without it all becoming predictable.  It’s a similar thing to what Combichrist are doing at the moment except here the vocals of Jayce Lewis have more of the Numan about them than Andy LaPlegua’s most recent visceral incarnation.  As music genres continue to collide Protafield look well placed to fill a growing musical market.

Playing a headlining tour in celebration of the tenth anniversary of their acclaimed Cultura album Breed 77 are one of the most original and respected metal bands around.  Originally formed on Gibraltar the now London based group are known for mixing flamenco and other similar styles into their music giving it a unique sound.  Always a formidable act live, tonight they rock the socks off The Met Lounge with a performance of astounding energy and professionalism.  It’s often the little things that go to make a good set truly great and here we have so many touches and flourishes that elevate Breed 77 into one of the best live bands on the circuit.  Wonderfully flavoured vocals, exhibitionist bass and drums and clear crisp guitar work all go into making this an hour or so of music for metal connoisseurs.

I hope that this fine band will still be around in another decade to celebrate all over again.

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