I’m actually gonna use this bit to whine into the void of the internet about the crappy and unhelpful security staff at the venue, this was my first visit to the venue since HMV sold it on and well, things haven’t improved. BUT there was the prospect of excellent live music tonight so, fuck it right….let us crack on.

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Up first, Dani Filth’s latest vanity project in Devilment. Now, I know it’s cool to bash Cradle of Filth ’cause they’re not trve or kvlt but over the years they’ve had a pretty impressive output of music. Onwards to 2014 and out pops Devilment, or Devil Mint as I call them. Out they pop, one by one until Dani finally appears on stage, dressed in his usual garb of goth delights. Which before they play a single note leaves Dani sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the three quarters, vests and dreadlocks on stage.

The music, well everyone knows Dani’s vocal. The high pitched squeals – hide your glassware – and its demonic snarls, neither of which were on point tonight. Now I gave the new Devilment album a spin a couple of days back and its issues are only magnified live. There is a complete lack of hooks within the music, nothing to catch on to and get involved, it’s ultimately forgettable. The band Dani has around him aren’t without talent, that’s for sure. But something is missing, some spark within the songs that could make this band interesting. But ultimately a sloppy performance and the thirty minutes the band are on stage feels like a life time to me.


But Motionless In White, are up next, if you look around the crowd you’ll see a vast array of painted faces. Young faces. It’s obvious who the majority of them are here to see. MIW are another band that it has become somewhat fashionable to slate, I’ve seen them 3 times now and my only real reason to dislike them would have been their previous lacklustre performances, but this wouldn’t be the case tonight.

The reception these chaps received as they ascended onto the stage was deafening in it’s self, these are the poster boys of modern metal and they know it. Whilst these guys don’t have a sound that is inherently their own, they draw all of their influence from the shock rock that came before them and that is great. Because none of those bands really cut it live anymore. The band launch into the title track from their new album Reincarnate and it sounds evil as fuck, their sinister tones are mounted by Cerulli’s vocal that only feeds the fire on stage. Moving through a set of hits, we reach Puppets Pt3, a song that on record features Dani Filth. You have Dani Filth on tour with you, but Dani Filth never materialised which meant this track was lacking a texture that it needed. We head through the likes of Abigail and America which are met with warm and raucous response, this feels like some horror based campfire singalong…A-M-E-R-I-C-A.

It is clear to see that although the new tracks feel like a natural evolution for the band they also intermingle well with the tracks from the previous releases. Generation Lost and Dead As Fuck are future live anthems, they’re party songs for the damned and as the band play on and play harder, the focus for me shifts to the bass player, I know right. The bass player. Devin Sola, on stage in a dress and stockings, his backcombed monotone hair, he becomes a show all of his own. He stalks about the stage also casually lending his vocals from time to time. The band finish with Devil’s Night, arguably their biggest hit to date and it’s delivered with precision and passion.

I see why people don’t like this band. They appeal to a young crowd, a crowd that need bands like Motionless In White just like we grew up with Slipknot, Coal Chamber and Marilyn Manson. These teenagers need something to sink their teeth into that isn’t One Direction, and lets face it, there are far worse bands out there than MIW. In fact, after tonight I must applaud their live performance also!

Motionless In White

The change over begins, and yet again we get the same damn Guns N Roses tracks, fuck sake pick something different will you!? The crowd has thinned out a little before Lacuna Coil take to the stage and that isn’t a bad thing, but I do applaud those who stuck around to check out a band they might not be familiar with. From discussions with folks outside after the show, it seems Lacuna Coil won themselves some new fans tonight. These are the veterans tonight, the professionals. As Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro take to the stage the crowd explodes. Opening with Trip The Darkness the band are on fine form, this seven string attack sounds heavier than ever before. The band have always had a penchant for the dramatic but it appears that for this tour they’ve ramped it up some more.

The vocalists are on form tonight, Scabbia’s soaring melodies crash against Andrea’s low and gritty interludes. Andrea’s screams also add additional dimension to older tracks such as Heaven’s A Lie. The band are having a great time on stage and we’re having a better time in the crowd. The bands cover of the Depeche Mode classic, Enjoy The Silence, is arguably better than the original material. The band depart the stage to do the whole encore thing, an encore arrives in the form of Nothing Stands In Our Way and Our Truth, two of the best from this band, the former being a perfect description of the band themselves.

As the closing verse of Our Truth rings out the band leave the stage to a thunderous applause from an appreciative crowd who know they’ve just witnessed something supremely epic. Until next time Lacuna Coil, thank you! And Goodnight!


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