Originally owned by the same people that were behind the failed Alt Fest many feared the worst for Club Antichrist.  The only real solution to keeping this popular event going was a new owner, and one was duly found in the form of the affable Malc, a long-term supporter of all things alt. 

This, his second AC in charge proved to be an overwhelming success with the event sold out well in advance.  Tellingly all the acts performing tonight were to have been at the festival that never was, quite a statement of support for the new man at the helm.

As is usual for AC the bands were interspersed with a variety of acts who truly embrace the word alternative.  Lydia Darling’s inventive stripped to the bone performance took the art of burlesque to a whole new level, in the same vein as a certain Robbie Williams video.

Pariah Circus attempted self mutilation in a way that visibly brought sympathetic winces from the audience, particularly the guys.  If you’re wondering why then you’d best go and catch one of their shows but bear in mind you can never unsee them.  Cynth Icorn as ever performed a surreal routine of beautiful originality which was more living art than titillation.

The first of three music acts of the night were Maxdmyz who play the kind of modern synth metal that is fast taking over at clubs up and down the land.  More guitar driven and full on metal than the likes of Combichrist this London band have all the riffs and melody to please the mosh monsters while still opening things up with keyboard and programming.  This is a tight and polished performance from a band made up of musicians that clearly have some experience under their collective belts.  In particular vocalist Twister’s judgement of how and when to embellish the set between songs along with his energetic turn on the mic make Maxdmyz a band I would want to come and see again.


Generation Graveyard give no quarter with their furious punk metal attack.  This is a no compromise band who more than anything else look like they really love what they do.  It helps that they look the part, style does matter especially when you are bringing it on this hard but as always it’s the music that really counts.  For all their brutality the Gen Grave guys never lose the plot, everything is kept under control and melody and rhythm still underpin this live performance.  It’s the reason why even at the most frenetic moments such as when Max is trying to ruin his larynx or Bassist Phil saunters off into the crowd the set marches on triumphantly.  If Generation Graveyard are the sound of the apocalypse then bring it on.


In a departure from all the mayhem earlier Professor Elemental’s chap hop initially might seem a bit lightweight.  In fact if he took himself too seriously it would be, but fortunately he doesn’t.  What we are treated to is just under an hour (about right for this act) of musical steam punk meets pith helmet buffoonery that has even the metalheads in the audience dancing along in appreciation.  Along with his more standard delivery a cleverly obfuscated method of using crowd suggestions in a song highlights just how skilled an artist the prof is.  A crossover act that could make for interesting entertainment at all kinds of festivals this summer.


The live music finished it was up to the various dj’s and other side shows to keep everyone happy and partying until the sun came up.  Another great night and a big thumbs up to new man Malc for keeping a top event going.  I finally arrived home at half eight in the morning tired beyond belief but already planning my next AC.


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