The third instalment of Reading’s latest doom/stoner/sludge nights had a lot to live up to after the last two nights brought the powers of Desert Storm and Enos, but if there was one band who could pull it off it would be headliners XII Boar.

With the night’s hosts Morass Of Molasses bringing together a stellar line up this gig had the potential to be the best yet. However with the unfortunate departure of Reading’s sons of groove Men That Follow Hell due to illness it was up to the three remaining bands to make this night one to remember…and did they ever.

The Swamp - XII Boar HeadlineThe first band to take to the stage were Farnborough blues meisters Welcome The Howling Tones. In a flurry of fuzz and feedback they impressed all in attendance with their unique sound that was in a way a mix of Clutch and Cream. Even though their songs, at times, sounded like extended jams they were in no way sloppy, they put in a tight performance to rival the other bands on show during the gig. Power and precision were what Welcome The Howling Tones brought to the table and served up a challenge for the other bands of the evening.

The night’s curators Morass Of Molasses were the next to play to a fevered crowd hungry for more metal. They came with the full fury that they are well known for in Reading, heavy riffs and blues swagger dominate their sound, while quiet verses lend some levity to the dirge of pure heavy sludge metal. While their songs are instantly recognisable to many Reading metal heads they played a new song So They Walk which with it’s many changes from riff heavy chugging to breaks for small solo sections showed the crowd that they were really on the ball. And with the end of their set came the unfortunate beginning of the end for the night with only one band left to play.

So all that was left was for stoner metal favourites XII Boar to tear The Facebar a new arsehole, and they did just that. With all the cock sure swagger of Motorhead and the determined riffage of Down they delivered a hard and heavy hitting set that will be remembered in Reading for some time. They drew a sizeable crowd and were as such in their element with energy between all of the bodies in the room transferring from one to another in a fever pitch of motion. They really seemed to be enjoying themselves and why the hell not? With a reaction like they received any band would be happy! Horns were raised, beer was drank, songs were sung and this night truly was another success.

With The Facebar once again in rubble it would take some time to rebuild so that we may once again take in all of the sludge/doom/stoner delights that The Swamp has to offer in the future. A special New Year’s Eve night of sludge versus thrash was enough to tide many over but we are still hungry!

The next event will again be held at The Facebar on 6th February 2015 and will feature alongside Morass Of Molasses: Limb, Thieves By The Code and Mercury’s Well.

The Swamp - Limb Headline


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