KARMA TO BURN – Camden Underworld 5-8-2012

KARMA TO BURN – Camden Underworld 5-8-2012

Stoner rock legends Karma to Burn (K2B) are back in London to perform at Camden Underworld as part of their 2012 UK tour. It is looking to be an exciting and loud night of heavy riffs and non-stop headbanging.

The venue is packed, the atmosphere is charged and the audience are waiting impatiently, but just one moment before we get to see the headliners, our attention is caught by the opening band…

Live Review: KARMA TO BURN – Camden Underworld 5-8-2012Choosing the right opening act for the whole tour is an important and sometimes tricky decision, but this time it’s UK stoner rockers Desert Storm and we couldn’t think of a band that would fit in any better.

Desert Storm is five guys from Oxford and being influenced by such bands like Kyuss, Clutch and Black Sabbath they have been playing together since 2007. There is more to their sound than just stoner riffs and sludge grooves. It is the blues melodies and Led Zeppelin influenced riffs, as well as the deep and growling vocals that make Desert Storm a lot more than just another up and coming act. Their performance is convincing and it attracts even the most sceptical people in the crowd putting them in the right mood for Karma to Burn.

They say some bands would never make it big without a front man. Well… this band doesn’t need a front man to make it anywhere. This band is an all-instrumental riff producing machinery where every band member is a front man.

Coming from West Virginia and representing Palm Desert rock scene with a dose of mysteriousness, K2B is a band that is telling you a story with every single song and the lack of vocals is not holding them back at any point. These guys like to keep it simple and straight forward and they don’t seem too worried about complicated and intellectual song titles, pretentious stage presence or some music industry standards. It’s all about the music when it comes down to K2B live show and it’s a riff followed by riff. …and another riff.

In spite of the world wide success Karma to Burn has achieved during years of performing together, they still have managed to maintain an “underground” status. Their original approach to song writing and style that simply can’t be pigeonholed doesn’t fit in a specific category and sets them apart from any other stoner rock band.

Their last and fifth studio album ‘V’ was produced by John Lousteau and recorded in Dave Grohl’s studio 606 in Los Angeles. It has earned a lot of positive reviews and is highly appreciated by fans all over the world, but to enjoy the full K2B experience, you have to see them perform live, because that is where the band create the energy that will set the roof on fire and eventually blow your mind away.

Tonight they please the audience by playing all the favourites like 19, 34, 38 and many more. Karma to Burn seem to be capable of changing the atmosphere in the room with every single song as they fire out some serious doom riffs mixed with energetically driven songs that make all the crazy headbangers in the front lose their shit. The crowd is satisfied as the band is called back on stage for an encore with a roar so loud it makes your ears bleed.

K2B is highly recommended if you like your stoner rock loud and straight forward.

For fans of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath.

Live Rating: 8/10



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