Live Review: The Swamp – Featuring Desert Storm, The Facebar Reading

Live Review: The Swamp – Featuring Desert Storm, The Facebar Reading

A new night of sludge, stoner and doom metal has begun in Reading, the first of many still to come in the future; The Swamp has arrived!

Hosted by local metal titans Morass Of Molasses, this will be a showcase of the best local and national talent in the aforementioned slow heavy and generally badass genres and all those in attendance on 3rd October 2014 were the first to bear witness.

The Swamp - Desert Storm Headline

The first band to take to the stage at this most prestigious event were Alton’s own sons of desert rock Heinous Pianist. Putting on an impressive show these five talented musicians gave it all that they had and more in an effort to blow the crowd away, and boy did they! With the earmarks of the classic desert rock sound a la Kyuss and Karma To Burn also came a distinct psychedelia influence that really gave them a multi-layered sound and quality to their music. Powerful bass, pounding rhythms and screaming guitar and keyboard solos set the stage alight and the crowd’s necks a-snapping, throw in some heavy grooves and entrancing, tight, faux jam sections and there wasn’t an unimpressed face in the room. So in short an impressive start to tonight’s proceedings.

After a quick change around the audience were left waiting in fervent anticipation for a band who many had heard of, but seldom seem-this was their second gig after all-the mighty Thuum. However make no mistake, for their second gig they put on an impressive show to wow all in attendance. A mixture of sludge, doom and thrash combined to make a big racket and even bigger riffs. Heavy as balls and with a Mastodon and The Sword sound to their music they left all in their wake with use of juxtaposed at times blistering thrash speed coupled with some solid blues riffs. For the most part their set was kept at a faster pace with duelling guitars and impressive bass skills, prompting the formation of a new genre: sweaty beard metal!

With two bands down and only two to go it came the turn of tonight’s hosts and the curators of all of The Swamp gigs to be held at The Facebar: Reading’s blues metal lords Morass Of Molasses. Having only been together for about eighteen months at this point their name has already circulated the Reading scene as a must see band and tonight is their time to shine. Their mix of blues, grunge and metal influences mix together into a rich, sticky and heavy syrup for the ears, big riffs and stripped down reflective verses is what they do best and they provide it in spades. The band as a whole seem relatively fresh faced and energetic tonight, possibly excitement, or maybe they’re still on a high from their recent tour alongside The Underground Pilots, either way, they were on fire. A nice addition to the bands well known set list was the inclusion of a newer song that made it”s début on the tour. Expect big things from this powerful three piece.

And with that we came to the final band in this heady evening of doom, stoner sludgeness: head-liners and all around nice guys Oxford’s Desert Storm. If-for some strange reason-you are unfamiliar with this band then think what would happen if Black SabbathClutch and Down had a baby, in my view: pant wettingly good. An expert mix of blues and mammoth riffs are what they brought to the table and the crowd just ate it all up. They were incredibly tight and well polished but at the same time the music had a touch of sloppiness and ease that their music needs to fully engage and audience’s attention, the fun factor is definitely what this band is all about, good times, good music and plenty of booze. The next time these guys come to Reading you can bet they’ll draw an impressive crowd.

With The Facebar in ruins it was unfortunately time to call an end to the evening’s impressive display of doom and stoner metal goodness, until the next Swamp gig this town will be waiting patiently in fevered anticipation and rampant excitement.

The next event will agaiin be held at The Facebar on 7th November 2014 and will feature alongside Morass Of Molasses: Enos, March The Desert and Slug13

The Swamp - Enos Headline