MAMMOTHFEST Band Preview: SLABDRAGGER “People should watch us because we like watching people watching us watching them.”

MAMMOTHFEST Band Preview: SLABDRAGGER “People should watch us because we like watching people watching us watching them.”

Brighton’s Favourite Heavy Festival, Mammothfest, is back with a meteoric bang in 2015 bringing with it some of the hottest UK rising stars and a whole bunch of international artists to boot.

MetalMouth would like to bring you the skinny on the hot and heavy new talent, some of the best the UK has to offer.

First up is Slabdragger, who we believe may or may not have been utterly wasted when answering the questions we fired over… Kenny Loggins!?




Formed in 2008 by Sam Thredder, Yusuf Tary and Matt Byrne. First LP, Regress, came out in 2011 on Holy Roar Records. Split with Meadows came out in 2012 on Head of Crom. Currently working on 2nd LP, Rise Of The Dawncrusher. Over the years, Slabdragger have shared stages/toured with bands such as Saint Vitus, Acid King, Church Of Misery, Orange Goblin, UFOMAMMUT and have played festivals such as Supersonic, Desertfest and Damnation Festival.

What would you say has been your best achievement so far as an artist?
To be able to play by our own rules when writing and recording, and to have played with so many great bands. Also, being able to release records to fans of music like ourselves.

So what have you been up to in the last 12 months that is noteworthy, funny, or just downright interesting?
Sams lung collapsed. That was quite brutal.

How are you promoting yourself as an emerging artist and getting yourself out there?
We just get invited to play shows and we’re all like ‘yeah’ and stuff.

What is the band ethos as a whole?
Being self reliant, DIY style. Just being ourselves and making music that gets us hard.

What bands are your music ‘For fans of’?
Cameo, 2Unlimited, Milli Vanilli, Kenny Loggins.
NB: The bands fucking Facebook describes their fucking genre as: Heavy Fucking Metal. Hardcore Fucking Punk. Progressive Fucking Rock. Jazz Fucking Fusion. Dub Fucking Reggae. You decide.)

What is your current release, tell me a little about the process, lyrical theme and concept (if any)?
We are currently finishing up a new record that is soon to be released this year. It is a sci fi concept album about 3 space bum mercenaries that are on the run and are forced by an intergalactic, psychotic mob boss to pilot a gigantic drill ship. They must fly the drill into planet Earth to perforate it and extract the Earths core for natural resources to fuel his empire.

Do you have a video out? If so, explain what it’s about, who created it, the reason for choosing that particular song..
We have no music videos but we may do one very soon.

Which other bands can you highly recommend to fans to come and check out at Mammothfest?
Onslaught, Hang The Bastard, Sea Bastard, Abhorrent Decimation.

Describe how you plan to blow the Mammothfest crowd into next week..what are you bringing to the table in terms of performance and originality and why should fans come and watch you?
People should watch us because we like watching people watching us watching them. And the music is quite good as well.

The Slabdragger sound:

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Mammothfest takes place at 4 venues across 3 days in Brighton on October 2/3/4 2015.

More info:

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