MAMMOTHFEST Preview: CORE OF IO “Mammothfest 2015 will be the first place anybody on planet earth will be able to hear our second release from the four EP saga”

MAMMOTHFEST Preview: CORE OF IO “Mammothfest 2015 will be the first place anybody on planet earth will be able to hear our second release from the four EP saga”

Brighton’s Favourite Heavy Festival, Mammothfest, is back with a meteoric bang in 2015 bringing with it some of the hottest UK rising stars and a whole bunch of international artists to boot.

MetalMouth is bringing you the full lowdown on the hot and heavy new talent Mammothfest has secured for 2015, which is some of the best the UK has to offer.

Brighton’s experimental Techsters, Core Of Io answer our questions.

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Formed on the south coast of the UK, Core of iO offers high energy, tech-flavoured modern rock composed of a broad combination of styles. Core of Io operate with the intention of writing cohesive songs whilst constantly pushing the boundaries of their own musicianship.

What would you say has been your best achievement so far as an artist?
Playing 45 gigs in our first year as a band!

So what have you been up to in the last 12 months that is noteworthy, funny, or just downright interesting?
We have had a Metal hammer cover mount track, 2 studio releases, BBC radio airplay and 3 UK tours with multiple festival appearances. This includes Mammothfest 2014! On the funny side, being laughed at for driving round in roller skate sized hire cars packed to the brim with gear, all the while being mocked by people in tanks and ford fiesta’s alike!

How are you promoting yourself as an emerging artist and getting yourself out there?
Gig, gig, gig! We have also been releasing as much material as possible alongside music videos. All releases have been reinforced by solid press campaigns in the UK and Europe.

What is the band ethos as a whole?
Writing cohesive songs that, whilst influenced by many things, don’t subscribe to any single genre in particular. These must be enjoyable for us to make the cut!

What bands are your music ‘For fans of’?
Fall of Troy, Sikth, The Mars Volta, Biffy Clyro, Converge.

What is your current release, tell me a little about the process, lyrical theme and concept (if any)?
Our release that is out on May 1st 2015 titled “Part IV: Castillo” is the first EP from a series of four, scheduled for release over two years. Themed around Galileo’s original discovery of Jupiter’s first four moons, his story is the backdrop for this collection, with “Discovery” being the theme.

All lyrics are written about life and the experiences it places on your path as you travel through its stages, along with the personal discoveries we all find about ourselves. Similar to the way Galileo spent his life discovering about what lies beyond our skies, amongst other things.

Do you have a video out? If so, explain what it’s about, who created it, the reason for choosing that particular song..
14 Stitches: Serious, yet highly hilarious, it’s about a time I injured myself in a personal region. Read the lyrics, all will be clear. Wild Stag studios in Brighton produced this awesome video for us, and we’ve had a massive response from it!

Which other bands can you highly recommend to fans to come and check out at Mammothfest?
Valis Ablaze. Meta-stasis. King Leviathan. Milk White Throat. Thieves by the Code. As Flames Rise. Atonement.

Describe how you plan to blow the Mammothfest crowd into next week..what are you bringing to the table in terms of performance and originality and why should fans come and watch you?
Mammothfest 2015 will be the first place anybody on planet earth will be able to hear our second release from the four EP saga “Part III: Ganymede” in its entirety. We always provide high intensity and high energy shows every time we play and pride ourselves on the fact that nobody leaves a Core of iO gig disappointed.

Mammothfest tickets and merch are available now by clicking HERE.

Mammothfest takes place at 4 venues across 3 days in Brighton on October 2/3/4 2015.

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