MARILYN MANSON/ROB ZOMBIE Twins Of Evil – Manchester – 28/11/2012

MARILYN MANSON/ROB ZOMBIE Twins Of Evil – Manchester – 28/11/2012

The ‘Twins of Evil’ rolled into Manchester last night, with full production and impressive was the word.

Whilst this tour has brought it’s own share of controversy, both bands brought their full power and confetti cannons.


First up is Manson, a musician with who creates more mixed opinion than most, tonight is no exception, however tonight he is on rare form. Breaking straight in with a track from his latest record…’Hey…Cruel World’ comes with as much energy and passion as it’s recorded with. Following up with the Manson classic ‘Disposable Teens’ it certainly got the blood pumping!

Unlike most tours, Manson is the first act on tonight, so he’s charged with the task of whipping the room into a frenzy. ‘The Love Song’ certainly does this to the (not yet full capacity) crowd, singing along to every note and lapping it up. The next track ‘No Reflection’ slows the momentum down, shortly after the man himself decrees he should be changing his name to ‘Marilyn Manchester’ a statement which brings about a serious amount of cheers from the audience.

rob zombie marilyn manson twins of evil uk tour poster 2012From that the band launch into the tracks ‘mOBSCENE’ and ‘The Dope Show’ both incite a serious amount of sing along time, the latter song comes along with the word ‘DRUGS’ in massive flashing letters, an impressive touch. Vocally both of these tracks are stand outs of the night, filled with renewed energy and passion that in recent years Manson seems to have lost.

‘Slo-Mo-Tion’ and ‘Rock Is Dead’ are instant crowd pleasers, with horns raised and fist pumping and another outfit change, it seems no expense was spared for this tour. After which comes the covers section of the set in ‘Personal Jesus’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’ both of which were impressive, with a rain machine and a single spotlight on Manson, it seems this is where he’s at his best, I find these two performances breathtaking.

‘Coma White’. Personally my favourite track of his, the performance of which is brilliant. It’s dark, it’s atmospheric and it’s filled with the pain and emotion this track should deliver. He ‘finishes’ with ‘Antichrist Superstar’, a track that’s opening bars alone has the fans screaming, the Manson team could have left the stage and people would have been happy but the man returns with well recieved ‘The Beautiful People’. The lights go down and Manson is gone, the screams from the crowd are that of people who saw something brilliant happen…THE MANSON IS BACK!!

After the usual 30 minute stage change over, the lights go down again. Right from the off it seems this crowd are here mainly for this man, the musician, the horror legend,both of which feed into tonight’s set from master of horror rock, Rob Zombie

‘Jesus Frankenstein’ is the opening number of the night, a fist pumping affair…working into the classic ‘Superbeast’ the thumping drums get the crowd moving, but I have to say, the sight of Rob Zombie’s dancing is a spectacle in itself. Although it’s also obvious just how much fun these guys have on stage, not taking matters overly seriously with smiles aplenty.

‘Living Dead Girl’ and ‘More Human Than Human’ shortly follow, each employing the use of the massive video screens that surround the entire stage, from old horror movie clips to Sheri Moon scantily clad doing some seriously dirty dancing. These tracks also go over well with the audience.

A drum solo swiftly follows, showcasing how much of a brilliant drummer Ginger Fish really is, the intensity of the sound coming from his kit is awe inspiring, leading into ‘Never Gonna Stop’ and ‘Sick Bubble Gum’ it just proves how much of a party band these guys are, it’s all about having a good time and tonight is no exception!

My favourite Zombie track ‘Pussy Liquor’ was up next, with audio and video from Zombie’s first movie ‘House of a 1000 Corpses’, this is performed flawlessly and flows seamlessly into the White Zombie classic ‘Thunderkiss ’65’ which is a brilliant move, both tracks come with so much groove, everyone is dancing…the feeling is electric.

The band leave the stage and the lights go red, out comes this 20 foot high dancing devil, along with John 5. Into a sweet guitar solo, short enough so it doesn’t become self-indulgent and pure fret wankery, but long enough for John 5 to prove he’s one of the best damn guitarists out there. Ginger Fish joins in with some drum fills and the band return, we’re led into a short cover of Alice Cooper’s seminal classic ‘School’s Out’ before the band retreat back stage.

It’s in this break we’re allowed something special from Zombie, the lights go out and the screens light up, we’re shown the full length trailer to Zombie’s brand new movie ‘The Lords of Salem’ a brilliant way of getting your movie out to as many people as  possible, but not only that, it looks fucking brilliant. After which it goes dark again and out come the band for one last time, Zombie taking to the top of his podium, for the fantastic ‘Dragula’, a perfect end to a brilliant night, confetti explodes and horns everywhere, deafening cheers erupt and the house lights are on…

As I walk from the venue, I get that moment of realisation as to what I’ve seen tonight, two of the reasons I love metal, on the same stage. My voice had gone, my ears were ringing. They had proved their point. They were indeed the Twins of Evil!


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