MARS RED SKY – Stranded In Arcadia

MARS RED SKY – Stranded In Arcadia

The power of fuzz compels you! Turn off the lights, sit back and chill the f*ck out.

French psychedelic rockers Mars Red Sky have returned with Stranded In Arcadia, the follow up to their début 2011 self-titled opus. 


Mars Red Sky are a band that will never cease to intrigue me. They walk a very fine line between fragility and brutality. This band create a sound that ultimately blends pure atmospherics with a haze of hypnotic psychedelia. I see Mars Red Sky as an elemental band; earth, air, fire, and water come together and flow as they should. Stranded In Arcadia is proof of this.

Opening track The Light Beyond is a balanced showcase of the bands abilities. Fuzz-laden guitar lines amble over slow but potent bass rumblings. Ethereal vocal lines come in and through its slow, marching eight minutes comes a journey in itself. With Hovering Satellites comes a seriously catchy ’60s groove,  where double bass drumming flows under the extensive and ever expanding guitar lines. Solos are positioned perfectly to sweep in and out in the most glorious of ways as the instruments fall away before building back in for the last 90 or so seconds.

Arcadia drips in slowly with echoing atmospherics and a creeping bass line before the gorgeous guitar lines return. This is just under six minutes of pure instrumental ecstasy which I can imagine marks the A and B sides of the vinyl release of the album and this comes as a breath of fresh air. Seen A Ghost comes down with an ethereal stomp if ever such a thing could exist it does here. Through out this song double tracked vocals fall over single chugging guitar lines with the occasional lick. Breaking up the monogamy before it can ever ensue and whilst it becomes clear that this album is reaching its inevitable close, and is brought to that ending by Beyond The Light. This song mirrors the beginning of the record, with the same guitar lines crawling along and slipping away. Cymbal teases and well positioned bass lines make this track is a perfect closing statement to this marvellous adventure in a Mars Red Sky.

Mars Red Sky have made one of the most beautifully crafted albums of recent times. It’s a true masterpiece, ebbing and flowing like a celestial river of sound. 

Stranded In Arcadia is beautiful. The elemental aspects add texture and colour that come bigger and bolder than anything Mars Red Sky have done thus far.