MELMAK – The Only Vision Of All Gods

MELMAK – The Only Vision Of All Gods

Hailing from Spain, a gruesome twosome of stoner metal are rearing their heads to be counted amongst the elite, will this album be their first step into the wider metal world?

Melmak combine stoner, doom and sludge metal in an impressive display of fortitude and power with this their first full length release, sit back and hold tight.

Right from the off it is certain that Melmak mean business, sweet, ballsy, groovy business.

Terroristing is a great starting point, fast of tempo, riff of groove and vocals of a guttural aggression. An impressive start for a band of whom this is their first full release and only being a two-piece band comprised simply of a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist. The powerful grooves are a mainstay on this album as is evident from the succeeding track: Collective Suicide.

There are also elements of desert rock in Melmak’s music, through use of effects they give a hearty nostalgic nod to greats of the genre Kyuss all throughout this album. Dinhuman is one such track where the band have sacrificed an ostensibly faster pace for the sounds and vibes of desert rock, the track almost feels like you’re driving down a dirt road on the American highway. Chugging guitars interlock with long held feedback too, giving it and ever present sound. Whilst the tempo is kept up for the most part, Escape Or Die showcases a slower and more laid back sound, akin to doom/sludge or even drone metal influences-experimentation with ones sound is a great way to keep a listener’s attention and it’s no more evident here.

Such experimentation continues in the tracks Saturn and Antimatter which both have elements of a more progressive sludge sound a la Mastodon and Neurosis. The intriguing combination of straight up stoner metal and a progressive sound is very interesting as it shows that the band are more than willing to take risks.

Groove however, returns with Tigers Of Platinum and the album’s title track The Only Vision Of All Gods. Both songs are a heady mix of powerful bounce and head banging heaviness culminating into a frenzy at the end of before slipping gracefully into the final track, an instrumental, to guide us back from the world of heavy grooves peacefully.

Heavy grooves laced with layers of sludge and doom, this is a sure fire hit with fans of these genres that will most definitely make their ears prick up in excitement.

Whilst for the most part this is a straight forward album there are also some pleasing surprises to keep the listener entertained even further. Well done Melmak, a great first effort.