MOGHUL – Dead Empires EP

MOGHUL – Dead Empires EP

Do you like it filthy? Are you a mucky monster? I SAID, DO YOU LIKE IT HEAVY!?

Well shit the bed and screw a goat, if this E.P. isn’t just for you!

Hailing from the deepest, darkest recesses of Birmingham, England, MOGHUL just make you want to be covered in muck whilst you embrace the sludge-ridden riffs of dooooooom!

The 10 plus minute opener of ‘Dead Empires’  doesn’t waste any time in hitting you full in the face with it’s cloven hoof of a Sabbath heavy riff that makes you want to quaff a heady brew, bang your head and freak the fuck out.

The amount of adjectives I’m laying down to describe this just doesn’t do it justice. It’s heavy and meaty as you would want and the haunting melody of the vocals only adds to the atmosphere.

Track two, ‘Hidden Hand’ comes in at a nice 13 minutes and 39 seconds continues the pounding riffage.

The slow hand 70’s vibe that runs through this is just sickening. You can get stoned to this, trip to this or fall asleep and let it carry you off to a smoke filled, purple coloured field of wild, erotic dreams and not have a care in the world. This just oozes the kind of cloak wearing misty ritual that we would love to be involved in.

This E.P. has the ability to conjure up images of  a naked, goat-head wearing mistress, standing aloft her withering hoards, whilst pouring a chalice of virgin blood down her, curvaceous  naked body whilst all the time making you want to beat off to the pounding rhythm of the drums.

With three of it’s four members sharing vocal duties, it really gives this some serious depth.

Nice to see that apart from the digital download, costing a mere £3 on Bandcamp, they have also made the vinyl junkies happy by releasing this on limited edition (only 80 copies) green vinyl 12″ and standard black vinyl (100 copies) this is destined to be one of those “Oh man I wish I picked up a copy” vinyls and oh how we rejoice this genre for bringing the wax back!
(The vinyl comes with a free download of the E.P. in digital format as well).

Having just been announced as main support for this years Heretic & Sirius Promotions ‘Chaosfest 2013’ you’d be a fool to  pass up this opportunity to see these guys live! You WILL want to shower after you here this….it’s THAT dirty 😉

Drink ale. Smoke up. And make you life as filthy as you can!

Beard out.

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