MONUMENT – Rock The Night

MONUMENT – Rock The Night

Formed in the streets of East London by vocalist Peter Ellis (Ex- White Wizzard, The More I See), Monument is bringing back a sound that has been missing from the UK for nearly 30 years… True British Heavy Metal!

Opening track ‘Rock The Night’ sets the scene for this nwobhm resurrection. With its full on twin guitar attack, early Bruce Dickinson-esque vocals, structured drumming and stunning guitar solos it is like being plunged back into the early 80’s back when the likes of Angel Witch, Samson, Iron Maiden and Saxon were cutting their teeth.


Having Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest fame providing a solo guest performance was a superb move and allows the original nwobhm followers an excuse to check out, and connect to, this “second wave” band.

‘Carry On’ follows on with its high octane, all out, classic rock assault, focussing more upon the stunning guitar work and the classic beatdowns (complete with the cheesy stadium effect drum echoing thrown in for good measure),

‘Midnight Queen’ continues the theme possessing a slightly more bluesy feel to it, not to dissimilar to early Weapon, teasing you with its technical guitar work and classic lyrics before ‘Fatal Attack’ hits.

‘Fatal Attack’ is everything a traditional nwobhm track should be with its twin axe attacks, catchy riffs, classic themed lyrics, and tight beatdowns and presents the anthem of the e.p.

‘Blood Red Sky’ plays the e.p out in true nwobhm style.

Overall ‘Rock The Night’ is a stunning e.p and while Monument are not re-inventing the wheel, they have produced an e.p which embraces the rich heritage that the original nwobhm scene left behind and marks the herald of the coming of the second wave of the new wave of British heavy metal.