MONUMENTOMB – Ritual Exhumation EP

MONUMENTOMB – Ritual Exhumation EP

Good ol’ coarse, no nonsense, no sub – genre extreme metal is just so damn satisfying. The harsh,gravelly vocals, tracks choc full of riffs and sinister undertones make it an intimidating and weighty listen. “Intimidating” and “weighty” is exactly what you get when you sink your ears into Kent’s very own Behemoth Monumentomb.

Having formed in the autumn of 2013, Monumentomb’s debut EP is an intriguing fusion of (predominantly) death, black and thrash metal. Vocalist Byron Braidwood employs the gravelly, guttural vocals of the death metal world, the furious speed and and infectious quality of the EP stay true to the bands thrash influence and the albums chilling intro and fantastic, macabre feel throughout has a strong, black metal essence to it.

Old school death metal acts, specifically Carcass, Grave and Bolt Thrower, have obviously heavily influenced Monumentomb, especially on third track In The Crypt Devoured. This track is a brilliantly crafted guitar cocktail, consisting of heavy, contagious riffs and slower, captivating solos. In The Crypt Devoured proves that Monumentomb are a bloody weighty band for all the right reasons.

Monumentomb keep their tracks interesting and the listener constantly hooked throughout by employing a sneaky tempo changes, showcasing the bands brilliant variety and skill. These tempo changes are particularly prevalent on Perennial Interment, a beast of a song packed with satisfying blast beats and tweedly solos, perfect for those who are partial to a wee bit of guitar wankery in their music.

Ritual Exhumation is an incredibly satisfying EP. It’s like a warm, welcoming hug for any fans of groovy, noisey and extreme heavy metal. Monumentomb brilliantly splice together death, black and thrash to create a speedy, scary and down right splendid debut EP. For a debut, this is mightily impressive. Monumentomb are easily a band to keep your eyes peeled for in 2015.