Live Report: Morbid Angel, Amputated and Seprevation @ The Bierkeller, Bristol 11/12/2014

Live Report: Morbid Angel, Amputated and Seprevation @ The Bierkeller, Bristol 11/12/2014

There is nothing one needs more on a rainy, cold December evening than some comforting death metal to warm the cockles of your blackened heart. When that death metal consists of one of the local scenes most promising acts, an infamously gore hungry quintet and one of the genre’s most influential acts, then the cockles of your heart will be positively on fire.

First up are local success story Seprevation. These band of merry death thrashers have gone from strength to strength since their humble beginnings in 2011, and are clearly honoured to be supporting one of their main influences this evening with the sheer volume of energy and vigour that they pack into their performance. The lads pull in an impressive crowd as a pit of rather mighty proportions erupts during the catchy little number Slave To The Grave. Seprevation’s incredibly fast and admirably technical brand of noise kick starts this evenings party with quite the powerful bang.

Now, no death metal party is complete without a chunk of gory death, which tonight comes in the form of the south-west depravity that is Amputated. With enough thunderous, groovy break downs to get the crowd slamming their right arms off, Amputated unleash quite the monstrously explicit set onto tonight’s eager crowd, churning out delights such as , Cunt Like a Sewer, Repugnant Genital Deformity and the slamming juggernaut that is Slam Pig. As per usual, Amputated firmly bring a hefty dose of gore and groove to tonight’s proceedings.

As eagerly anticipated headliners Morbid Angel take the stage, the audience is primed and ready to erupt into a death metal frenzy. And boy oh boy do they. Morbid Angel slay the Bierkeller tonight in a most triumphant and furious fashion. After blasting Covenant in its entirety (and most gloriously too) Morbid Angel complete their set with pitch perfect renditions of classics such as Altars of Madness and Where the Slime Live. Despite a rather, how shall we put it, unique last release, tonight’s display of old school death metal splendour proves that Dave Vincent and co are still on form as a live band. Their set is positively faultless and captivating from start to finish. It’s safe to say that there was not one unsatisfied metal head leaving the ‘Keller this evening. Ten points to Morbid Angel.

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