NECROSIS – Catatonic Psychosis

NECROSIS – Catatonic Psychosis

The word ‘brutality’ is a bit of an umbrella term in the realm of heavy metal. In fact, it’s an umbrella term that gets bandied about way too frequently.

Pretty much any band with an ounce of speed and heaviness gets branded with the ‘brutal’ badge these days.

Therefore, when a band emerges onto the scene that’s encompasses the very essence of brutality and gore in every form, it brings much joy and excitement to fans of true brutal death metal.

Necrosis are that band. Their self-released EP Catatonic Psychosis has it all. Masterfully created slamming riffs, intense guttural vocals, gory song intros that leave you playing ‘guess that sound’ and uneasy yet humorous song titles (Chainsawdomy), Catatonic Psychosis has all the hallmarks of a brutal death classic.

That stereotypical death metal groove is present on every track on the EP, indicating that bands such as Devourment, Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus have been beneficial reference points. The vocals on Catatonic Psychosis are both aggressive yet not completely inaudible, adding a addictive, infectious quality to every track. Sims proves his vocal dexterity on the EP by employing a several vocal styles, adding some refreshing dynamic changes.

The fact that Catatonic Psychosis is Necrosis’ first release is, in short, mind blowing. This is an intense, aggressive and crushing piece of work that any fan of heavy music will love. The guitar work is delightfully intricate and technical supported by some furiously speedy blast beats.

Basically if you’re a fan of the likes of Suffocation, Gorgasm and Necrotic Disgorgement, you will want to listen to Catatonic Psychosis on repeat for about a month. This is a band are undoubtedly about to command the undivided attention of the UK death metal scene.

Take note kids, this is how to create the perfect brutal death EP.