Hailing from Germany and loaded with an eclectic selection of blast beats, chunky riffs and guttural mouth sounds, Necrotted are not the most subtle of musical entities.

Utopia 2.0 is the second full length offering following on from their 2012 debut ‘Anchors Apart’ and it is immediately obvious that these guys are not content to twiddle their thumbs.
Deathcore and its traditional ancestor death metal have become a lot more prevalent recently. Bands such as Whitechapel, The Acacia Strain, Decapitated and Dying Fetus among others are playing bigger festivals and generally gaining the attention they rightfully deserve. With the expanded reach these genres are enjoying comes a greater sphere of influence and as a result, those of us who really dig our nasty metal are spoiled rotten!

Necrotted are a fantastic example. Opening track ‘Utopia (We Are The Light)’ is a clear indicator of what to expect. Armed to the teeth with an inventory of ballistic grade riffery courtesy of Phillip Fink and Johannes Wolf, a near ceaseless barrage of precision percussion from the limbs of Markus Braun and gravity inducing Bass from Koray Saglams. All of which is meticulously crafted and sewn together to produce an organic sound that oozes aggression. I pity my poor poor neck for the abuse its going to take!

One of the most prominent elements is how smoothly they have blended modern deathcore with traditional death metal. The half time beat-downs found ‘Mind Control’ are predictable and commonly found within most modern deathcore bands structures, but flowing from that kind of brutality into the traditional blast beat mayhem found on ‘Rebuild And Revive’ is an atypical approach to this kind of genre which provides a fresh experience.

There are hardcore elements scattered throughout that will appeal to another demographic in the spectrum of extreme metal, ‘Liberty, Equality, Brutality’ being a great example, written in such a way as to avoid feeling contrived while being essential to each songs structure, which is also applicable to the melodic leanings of ‘United We Stand’.

Nearly every track here feels like it would be utterly devastating live and ripe for some very extreme pit action. This is thanks to the blend of genres how they are being utilized and the masterful work of dual vocalists Fabian Fink and Pavlos Chatzistavridis, who orchestrate a fantastic blend of horrific low end and tortured screaming atop the chaos.

Production wise, Utopia 2.0 is capable but uninspiring. Everything is audible and well balanced but I feel it doesn’t do the musicianship credit. This is the sound of a band who have found their style and are very competent with their respective musical input but have yet to find a suitable way of capturing the apocalyptic end result.

I am almost certain there will be detractors who will claim they are just another derivative deathcore band offering nothing new to the genre. I would advise those people to listen again. Imagine yourself in the presence of this music in a live environment, where every beat would feel like a hammer to the chest, stoking up your adrenaline as you are commended by those vicious bastard vocals. Then you may start to understand the potential this band has.

A great blend of past and present death metal tropes, all delivered at a bloodthirsty pace that’s still in need of the right producer to master the chaotic sound. Utopia 2.0 will inspire you to see this band live due to its jaw breaking apoplectic rage!

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