Official UK Autism Links

For Those New To, or Seeking, Diagnosis And Friends/Relatives Seeking To Educate Themselves About Autism, Start With These Official UK-Based Organisations.

Last updated: 24th Sept 2018

The National Autistic Society
The leading voice on Autism in the UK. It is a valuable and always up to date resource.

Talk about Autism
An online community and forum for people interested in Autism to share experiences, get support and discuss Autism. It is a popular site used by family members, professionals and people with Autism.

Autism Education Trust
This organisation works towards ensuring children, young people and adults with Autism receive the education they need to enable them to reach their individual potential. Their post 16 programme is most relevant to adults with Autism.

The Autism Research Centre
Based at the University of Cambridge, it is a hub for scientists working on Autism. It also works closely with clinical and voluntary sector services. Visit the site for the latest research and publications on Autism.

Research Autism
The only UK charity that is exclusively dedicated to research into interventions in Autism. An intervention is a treatment, therapy or service designed to improve the quality of life of someone with Autism. Visit the site for a detailed information on interventions and quality research and publications.

Helps to fund pioneering medical research on Autism, helping to improve diagnosis, and develop new treatments and interventions. Visit the site for a broad range of Autism research topics and information.

Treating Autism
A volunteer run UK charity that focuses on improving the quality of life of people with Autism. It focuses on biomedical treatment of Autism and has a range of useful resources.

Autism Alliance
A central organisation for specialist Autism charities in the UK. Their alliance members section is a great resource, linking you to Autism charities across the UK. They help to influence regional and national Autism policy and promote the entitlement of people with Autism to receive the specialist support they need.

NHS Living with Autism
The NHS resource that includes information on diagnosis for children and adults, transitions, Autism related support and real life stories.

Autism Pathway Tool
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence provides an interactive Autism Pathway tool for health and social care professionals. It covers clinical guidelines, technology appraisals, public health and social care advice, quality standards and implementation tools. This useful web of Autism related information will help give further insight into Autism.

Autism Research Trust

The Autism Directory
Massive amount of useful and up-to-date UK information searchable by area. Find Autism friendly resources in your local area and beyond. From Charities, CAMHS, Autism Friendly Places, Money Matters, Employment, Travel, Training, Special schools and much more.

Network Autism
Network Autism is a UK wide autism specific collaboration with international reach. It is a dedicated, supported space where all those seeking to develop and contribute their skills, knowledge and practice in the area of autism can come together to network and share good practice. The unique multi-disciplinary and multi-national nature of this site will enable sharing of ideas and experience that over time could lead to the development of innovative practice and drive change across the autism sector.

Adult Autism Spectrum Cohort – UK
This project is about engaging adults on the autism spectrum and their relatives in research.  At least 1% of adults are on the autism spectrum. However, very little research has been undertaken into the life experiences of adults and older people on the autism spectrum, and how these can be improved.


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