ORANGE GOBLIN – Frequencies From Planet Ten

ORANGE GOBLIN – Frequencies From Planet Ten

These days, Orange Goblin are considered one of the true masters of the British underground metal scene. They are loved across the length and breadth of the land.

So we thought we would take a trip back to where it all started – 1997’s Frequencies From Planet Ten. A trippy riff-fest, it laid the foundations for a band who continue to crush the ears of the heavy metal faithful.


Opening track The Astral Project comes in from another dimension but wastes no time in laying down the smashing groove that would become the trademark Orange Goblin sound. A wonderfully cool mix of crushing riffage and ever so laid back ’60s psychedelia, this is everything that they stand for. The mid section conjures up pleasant memories of Kyuss’ Blues For The Red Sun album.

Sweet Sabbath-y N.I.B style bass and cool jazzy tones give way to the onslaught that is Magic Carpet. This is an instant Orange Goblin classic. Even then, Ben Ward’s vocals were urgent and primal and over the years they have only become more powerful. Martyn Millard on bass and Chris Turner on drums are the tight engine room over which Joe Hoare mixes wah-wah with downright dirty chords. And so Saruman’s Wish arrives – muscular and smashing into anything that stands in its way. Although Frequencies is a debut album, there is a wonderful consistency that grabs you and keeps you locked in.

The band uses the light and shade that was the hallmark of the great heavy metal albums – quiet reflections before big blasts of thunder. Aquatic Fanatic, flanked by periods of tranquillity, is an album high point. Closing with Orange Goblin and Star Shaped Cloud, this is as good a debut as anyone could hope for. Each song is a little journey into underground heavy metal at its’ best.

In 2014 the boys are still doing what they do best. Over the years, they have continued to release albums that are consistent, powerful and just plain big – each matching that raw live sound we all know and love.

Take a trip back to the beginning – arriving in some truly trippy artwork, this is an album you completely fall into…and never want to crawl back out from. Welcome to Orange Goblin.