ORCHID / SCORPION CHILD / BLUES PILLS / ZODIAC – Dingwalls, London – 3/11/2013

Four bands on the menu tonight at Dingwalls in the heart of London’s Camden Town Markets.

Orchid are back in town and have brought a nice mix of talent to help create a cool vibe in this equally cool venue.


Zodiac announce themselves as a blues band from Germany. Indeed, from the outset, they give a good display of the classic rock style that other bands like Graveyard and Horisont have gained a reputation for. A couple of songs in and they really found themselves in the zone and had the crowd warmed up nicely.

The blues rock theme continued with Blues Pills. Fronted by Elin Larsson, who has an incredible voice, this four piece really delivered. Very much a classic late 60′s sound, watch out for them because this was a neat set highlighted by Devil Man – one of the coolest songs of the night which verged on the hypnotic. Indeed, Blues Pills proved to be one the the strongest bands on show this evening.

Scorpion Child are up next. Hailing from Austin, Texas and they waste no time in getting down and dirty. They deliver a solid set that at times was a little predictable but enjoyable nonetheless. The beers were flowing and Dingwalls had a great vibe – this was a good way to spend a night.

Earlier this year, Orchid played at the Underworld in support of new album The Mouth Of Madness. That was a great night and I was looking forward to their return. From the moment they struck the first chord, we were back in a good place. The Mouths Of Madness was an early inclusion in the set and it sounded as cool as ever. The big grooves and Theo Mendell’s wailing vocals were mesmerising. Mark Thomas Baker’s wah-wah drenched soloing added an urgency to the songs that made for one happy crowd.

There’s no denying the very strong Black Sabbath influence, but Orchid do it so well. In an age where metal has so many sub-genres, to see a band that you could only describe simply as “heavy metal” is great. The band went on the deliver set list including Capricorn, Silent One and Eyes Behind The Wall, the latter’s cool riff sounding like something from Sabbath’s classic Master Of Reality album. He Who Walks Alone had arms raised and heads nodding in approval as their set drew to a close.

Orchid have definitely got an air of confidence about them.

Tonight was a great showcase for the old school style being handled with a youthful vitality and freshness.



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