ORCHID – The Zodiac Sessions

ORCHID – The Zodiac Sessions

Sometimes, there are bands who are good at making earth shaking, ear shattering noise. Sometimes, a band comes along and makes noises which force planets to align and the stars to fall from the sky.

It just so happens that Orchid are one of these bands. Hailing from the land of thrash, these San Fran natives are all about groove.

Orchid - The Zodiac Sessions - Artwork

Orchid came together in 2007. In 2012, they joined forces with Nuclear Blast Records and never looked back. The Zodiac Sessions takes the band’s now hard to find début EP plus their (remastered) full length album, and boxes them together together in one groove filled and doomy package.

The first nine tracks come from their début album Capricorn. It’s a release that contains a chunk of modern classics; tracks like Eyes Behind The Wall and the title track are just saturated with groove, a head banging slice of awesome that is followed by a crushing helping of doom in the oppressive but chilled out Black Funeral. Whilst it’d be easy to put these chaps into that vein of bands that just rip off Black Sabbath, this isn’t the case. Sabbath are a definite influence, but Orchid become so much more and by the time the opening bass lines break Down Into The Earth the groove is in full swing, and with each track a powerful sense of magic and energy is built. By the time you’ve reached the final track Albatross, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in an all encompassing bubble. This is powerful stuff, and it’s a great chance for those who didn’t get to hear these awesome tracks the first time round to realise why Orchid are playing at the level they do.

When the first bars of track ten kick in, it’s obvious that you’re now into the EP Through The Devil’s Doorway. Into The Sun grabs you by the throat and forces you to dance, followed up by Eastern Woman – which does exactly the same. Soaked with Southern riffs, these tracks are party anthems and nothing less: festival classics and then some. Son Of Misery is a bass driven piece of wonderment. While it retains a noticeably rawer edge which a first EP should have, this sounds polished somewhat and bigger than it did upon the first release.

By now, The Zodiac Sessions are finished and you feel somewhat blessed after listening. It compels you to listen again… then again… and maybe once more after that.

Orchid are a band that create a selection of small and intimate rituals that are able to wake the dead, destroy ears and can turn water into whiskey.