OVERKILL – Islington 02 Academy – 07/10/2012

OVERKILL – Islington 02 Academy – 07/10/2012

Overkill have always been there for me. Since I was a wide eyed teenager picking their ‘Taking Over’ LP from the rack they have consistently delivered the goods. So I was mega excited to get to see them live once more.

Unfortunately a combination of Network Great Eastern & TFL muppetry meant I got to the venue about five minutes after the brilliant 3 Inches Of Blood had finished, a band I really wanted to see. Still, them’s the breaks – Sunday night / London / Public Transport is not a good combination.

Enough moaning & time for the Green & Black Attack.

The lights go down, apart from the lime green ones obviously, Ron Lipnicki takes his place on the drum stool & out strides bass god DD Verni flanked by guitarists Derek Tailer & Dave Linsk – Ron launches into the pounding rhythm of opener & first track off the current ‘Electric Age’ album – ‘Come And Get It’…. oh we want it fellas. DD nails the bass run, the guitars sound great & out runs font-man Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth.

Seriously, Blitz has got to be one of the all time great metal vocalists, his voice sounds as razor sharp and spitefull as it did back in ’85 on ‘Feel The Fire’.

This is it hey now, don’t it make you feel better? Come and get it!

No let up – straight into ‘Bring Me The Night’  & ‘Rotten To The Core’ – encore quality songs for most bands but this is Overkill and we’re only ten minutes in!

The academy is rammed and there’s a proper old school mosh pit going. Honestly Overkill have got to be one of the most consistent & hard working bands in the thrash scene and I’ve never seen this band play a bad gig. After nearly 32 years in the business they still fucking love it and know how to crush.

The set is packed with surprises, some of the bands more obscure tracks – ‘It Lives’ & ‘The Wait’ – get an airing.

And there’s no ‘Skull Crusher’ or ‘Wrecking Crew’.

But that’s cool ’cause we get ‘Hello From The Gutter’ ‘In Union We Stand’ & the viscious ‘Elimination’ which closes proceedings tonight.

Of course that’s not all, it can’t be can it?

Nope – the familiar opening bars of ‘Coma’ ring out and Overkill are back hammering out yet another thrash classic.

Of course it wouldn’t be an Overkill show if we didn’t get to scream ‘Fuck You!’ with our middle fingers proudly (yet affectionately) thrust towards the band as they blast through their Subhumans cover / eternal set closer.

Great gig, great company and if you don’t like Overkill then I don’t care what you say….FUCK YOU!!!

Overall rating 10/10

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