PERFECT BEINGS – Perfect Beings

PERFECT BEINGS – Perfect Beings

Perfect Beings: well, I don’t even know where to begin with this band. This is a début from LA prog upstarts like no other.

Dealing with life in a post apocalyptic world and a search for identity and love. And not just that – it’s bat sh*t crazy!

The Canyon Hill is the first peek of this record, and from its circus-like vocal and marching band style drumming the freaky begins. Its classic sound mimics that of The Beatles in its cheery and bright existence before slipping into Helicopter, a dramatic two part affair that is split between a swirling brightness that seeps from the previous number into a pleading harmony that begins to sound dreadfully ominous.

Bees And Wasps proceeds just how you’d expect a song with that title to begin; with a pulsing wing beating rhythm and a buzzing piano cradled by whimpering guitar delivery. Removal Of The Identity Chip continues with a jazz guitar pattern and some tribalistic drum fills that capture the attention and imagination as it laps gently over you.

Remnants Of Shields brings in a tranquil breath of fresh air amongst the complexity with a basic beat lapped by a ukulele that slips graciously into Fictions,with its repetitive words and laid back approach. That then is followed up by Primary Colours which is as its title would indicate, colourful and bright. Guitar licks rise and fall amongst the vocal interjections.

One Of Your Kind finishes up Perfect Beings in a flourish of shoegaze majesty. There are injections from an acoustic guitar passage that in any other album would seem out of place but with this album even the weird becomes somewhat normal. Sliding into what I can only refer to as a ‘mass prog assault’, wavering synths meet with bewildering drums and disoriented free flowing guitars that finishes with the same ‘act and react and react’ vocal pieces that it began with what feels like a long time ago.

Perfect Beings are, for want of a better word, perplexing. Its unwillingness to stand still and their free flowing harmonies make for enthralling aural pleasure. Its storytelling only comes as a second to its musical intensity that is also astounding. 

Perfect Beings does everything a début album should, and showcases the talent of a band that can create some of the most interesting prog rock of recent times. Despite occasionally falling for its own charms it really is a well rounded mission statement for a band that have it in them to go far.