Reckless Love

NORMA JEAN Wrongdoers metalcore melodic hardcore photo

Modern sleaze rock – it’s no longer some whisky soaked affair from the sunset strip, fueled by hookers and heroin.

These days it’s still soaked in whisky but it comes from Kuopio, Finland. Well it’s now a glam rock haven that Reckless Love have certainly put on the map.

It was 2001 when these guys came to life, under the name of Reckless Life playing Guns ‘N’ Roses covers to no great success. Flash forward to 2010 and the band release their self-titled début that became a chart hit in their homeland. Following this the band have then taken the world by storm and haven’t looked back since.

So onwards to 2013, and here comes the very Spirit of Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love. This album is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, making an entrance with Caribbean style percussion work. Once you get into the meat of the track, Night On Fire is a melodic rock track big enough to stick it to anything else of the past 30 years, blisteringly brilliant guitars meet all the charisma the David Lee Roth-esque vocals bring to the table. All the swagger in the world is brought in with I Love Heavy Metal, taken directly from the Def Leppard hymn sheet. This track delivers references to pretty much every rock band of the ’80s, which should sound cheesy as hell, but coming from these chaps, it just seems right. You actually question why they never did it before.

Bass driven, filthy guitars and soaring vocals, Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love is a nightclub anthem in wait, as the cleverly delivered hooks make this one extremely catchy. It’s a perfect recipe for what is required when you’re feeling down – the need to dance is imminent. The pace quickens with Metal Ass, which isn’t designed to be ever taken seriously. Not in the slightest. It’s filled with all the puns you could ever need, and the guitar work here quickly takes front and centre stage. It is strikingly quick, well delivered and powerful, and whilst with many other bands I’d question if this could be delivered as well live, with Reckless Love you never have to worry about this.

Hot Rain comes straight outta the ’80s movie soundtracks that we love so much.  A sleaze album needs its ballad, and much like previous efforts from Extreme and Poison, this is a heartbreaking song that you can see being played in an arena, thousands of lighters held aloft (well until health and safety tell you that you can’t do that either). But not just in name does this track resemble something from Prince’s classic work Purple Rain, because the drifting guitar lines float and tease with an innocent kind of passion. It really is a beautiful track.

Reckless Love have nothing left to prove to anyone, the world is their jellyfish and they have free reign of pretty much any female on this earth.

Their music is uplifting and if ever some positive energies were needed in this world, now is the time. This band have bigger stages to conquer, but that will come to them in time.

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