REMNANT – Eclipse EP

REMNANT – Eclipse EP

Hailing from Maidenhead, Remnant are a twelve legged behemoth of utterly crushing proportions. Comprised of two guitarists, drums, bass and split male/female lead vocals they have been blazing a trail for themselves in the live arena of their local scene for a good few years now, so why did it take them so long to put out their first release?

Eclipse is a great summation of all that they have been working towards in that time and the wait has most definitely paid off. The time was right, the anticipation from fans was rife and the songs were killer, so without further ado let’s review this thing!

The first of four songs on the this release is one that Remnant put out on the internet not too long ago, Eclipse. As a whole this song is a well structured, highly energetic and crushingly heavy slice of melodic thrash sending pits insane and proved itself a real crowd favourite. The work between the two lead vocalists across the band’s body of work is incredibly impressive-as are the abilities of the band in general-and this track really showcases all that they have to offer in terms of feral, visceral vocals and guitar work.

Imprisoned keeps the tempo at a high as they charge forward in a fever pitch of speed and melody. Big catchy choruses are what Remnant do best and this song is absolutely no exception, treading a path that you don’t hear too often in the melodic metal genre in that it’s half melody and half heavy, feeding off of the abilities of the two lead vocalists chosen singing styles. The guitar solo is just ace too, along with the drum work: both a stunning display of these young musicians abundant talents.

Remnant have opted not to include any slower songs on this release, instead choosing to keep the tempo of the whole EP at a blistering pace, however Hydra is the slowest song. Slow doesn’t mean boring though, far from it. The structure of the song is incredibly precise and well written, a melange of thrash metal intensity and an almost Nightwish level of restraint in some parts.

And with that we unfortunately come to the final track on the EP, the heavy and bruising ditty Hate Me. This final offering showcases the heaviest of heaviest riffs, both vocalists working off each other perfectly and drums and bass in complete sync. In the past Remnant have been told that the two vocalists sound like they’re having a domestic in Hate Me, and they ain’t wrong. This is a song with a firm ‘No Clean Vocals’ sign hanging around it as both Leigh and Tori scream and shout at each other, while the guitars facilitate the assault incredibly well.

This is an impressive first offering from such a young band. Everything works. Vocals, guitars, drums and bass all come together to form a melange of speed, melody and crushing riffs to absolutely level all in their path, and the ears of the listener.

Well done Remnant, this is a storming first release and you should all be incredibly proud of your efforts. To everyone else if you love your metal layered and uncompromising on it’s sound then be sure to check out Eclipse, but just as important: GO AND SEE THEM LIVE!