RHODA MAY – Sessions

RHODA MAY – Sessions

Rhoda May is an instrumental progressive rock trio from Surrey, formed by three long time friends in 2013.

May 2013 saw the release of their 347 Sessions and in August, this was followed by 589 Sessions, recorded at their own rehearsal space in Hampshire.

The two EPs have now been put out for release together as one package. Their influences range from Led Zeppelin to Tool and Deftones which gives an intriguing insight into what these three guys may be about to offer the music scene. While practising in a studio, they were overheard and offered the chance to support British rockers Senser on tour. That isn’t bad, considering that they only started the band just over year ago.

A gentle riff starts the EP off, a soft run up to this mature sounding record. #3 is the name of the track. There’s a change of tempo in the middle which is a nice melodic tune to start Sessions with. However there’s a monotonous feel to the second track until around three quarters of the way through when drummer Mark Sanger changes up the style, and the other guys launch into a heavier riff.

Sessions will open the eyes and ears of many, especially heavy rock fans. Will Pain is able to paint pictures with the sound he makes on that guitar of his – the riffs sound like a story being told.

#8 is certainly the best on the record. The Iron Maiden touch is in there – not as dark as Maiden, but the moody touch makes me expect Bruce Dickinson to be running around a stage belting out a classic.

Six tracks to chill out to and make your mind up what the story is here. There’s no names for the song titles, just numbers, and no lyrics to piece together the meaning of – just good rock music that needs to be played loud.

Progressive rock has another notch on its bed post with Rhoda May. Look out for these guys.