Rocksector Records Release FREE mp3 Sampler

Rocksector Records Release FREE mp3 Sampler

Rocksector Records have released a FREE label sampler download featuring killer tracks from the following rapidly ascending bands.


Nightvision: “Sob Story” from their 2nd album “Consequence Of Sin”

Exit State: “Black Veins” from their 2nd album “Black Veins”

Falling Red: “Last Kiss Goodbye”, the ballad from their EP “Hasta La Victoria Siempre”

Velvet Star: “Revolver” from their debut album “In The Face Of Vanity”

Attica Rage: “Through The Inner Eye” from their 2nd album “Road Dog”

Fantasist: “Ego” from their debut album “Giggle Juice”

Citizen Charlie: “Faith No More” from their 2nd album “Up Yours”

Fury UK: “I See Red” from their 3rd album “A Way Of Life”


And for a limited time, Rocksector Records are also throwing in “Speed” from nwobhm icons the Tygers Of Pan Tang (taken from there upcoming album “Ambush“) and   “Bouncy Castles” from Irish rockers Swanee River.


In order to take advantage of this great chance to pick up the great songs all you need to do is to head to to this link and sign up to the Rocksector Records mailing list.

Free music…get on it!

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