Northampton’s finest are back! Now signed to EMI, it seems like the sky’s the limit for Sacred Mother Tongue.

It’s been 3 long years since Sacred Mother Tongue’s stellar début ‘The Ruin Of Man’, an opus filled with huge riffs, hooks sharper than those holding cow carcasses at the local butchers and a song writing style to rival the greats. With the long awaited follow up ‘Out Of The Darkness’ pencilled in for a 2013 release date, the Northampton 4-piece have released this somewhat of a stop gap EP and if there were any doubts as to the quality of the work given the time they’ve been away…think again!

“Evolve/Become” on first listen sounds like SMT by numbers, which is never a bad thing but after such a long period on the sidelines can seem, at first, a bit disappointing. However, let the song sit on your tongue, swirl it round your mouth and infect your taste buds with the sweetest of after-tastes. This could be SMT’s greatest work yet, the same infectious riffing from guitar god Andy James, Darrin South’s well oiled, perfectly constructed vocal attack with meaningful (even if a tad cliché) lyrical content all intertwined with the pounding rhythm of Lee Newell and Josh Gurner. Try and forget the chorus to this if you dare!

“Bleeding Out” is as close as SMT have ever come to a metal ballad. This isn’t to say it’s in a similar stylistic vain to something like “A Tout La Monde” by Megadeth but you get the general gist. More of the same punishing riffing from Mr. James to start before a chorus that will have hearts singing all the way from the King Billy to a hopeful main stage spot at the big time festivals.

From here Sacred Mother Tongue are in full force, no punches pulled and sounding like a band that have finally broken down the barrier to becoming one of the biggest in the UK scene…and there are still 2 songs to go on this beast!

“Seven” is near perfect. A pounding drum rhythm and accompanying riff which explodes in to one of the most exciting neo-thrash riffs heard this year. Seriously, this gives Testament a run for their money in terms of technical ability and sheer balls-to-the-wall metal attitude. Darrin’s vocals again drip with an intoxicating mix of sincerity and anger. The lyrics, coupled with his unique style make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and take notice of every word coming from his lips. As if competing for the most integral jigsaw piece prize, James pulls off another blinding solo, cutting the track clean across and leaving you picking your drooling jaw from the floor. This is incredible stuff from a band who have more than paid their dues to be here.

The final track is a live version of new song “The City Is Crying” which was recorded live in China. A band…from the desolate musical wasteland that is Northampton…live in China. It beggars belief but if it was ever going to be anyone it was always going to be Sacred Mother Tongue. If anything, the live mix sells the song short, especially alongside the previous efforts on this EP, however that says nothing for the quality of the musicianship on show once again. More of the above on this one folks, but as previously stated, with a slightly less clinical production.

This won’t be the release that propels Sacred Mother Tongue to the big time. Again, as already stated, it’s nothing more than a stop gap release, a taster of what is to come on the sophomore full length and if it’s anything to go by, metal fans across the world should be excited…damn excited! We’ve had the Light Sacred Mother Tongue. Now give us the Darkness.

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