SardoniS/Eternal Elysium – Ascending Circulation – Split E.P.

SardoniS/Eternal Elysium – Ascending Circulation – Split E.P.

When two bands such as SardoniS and Eternal Elysium decide they are gonna come together from opposite sides of the world and tour together you know it is gonna be fucking huge. When the same bands release a split E.P. to go alongside this monster of a tour, special things are coming. Oh yes they are!

From Belgium we have SardoniS; a doomy and heavy as hell instrumental duo and from Japan we have doom masters Eternal Elysium. Expect stoner riffage and gloom aplenty. This is one hell of a ride!

Kicking off this avalanche of heavy as fuck riffery is the mighty SardoniS and what IS the heaviest and most anthemic track in their arsenal, clocking in at nine and a half minutes long. This is nine and a half minutes of monolithic awesomeness.

From the slow and creeping intro that then leads through to fast guitar work sidelined with excellent drum fills. It’s the experimentation in this track that make it as special as it is though, with some added almost lullaby style piano work marking where the tempos change, but never for long. As soon as you’re lead into the dream state this induces you’re just as quickly punched in the gut with a huge ass riff and rolling snare patterns and told both rudely and profoundly to wake the hell up. It’s a track for banging your head to!

After this follows SardoniS’ second and last track here, the much shorter and faster ‘To The Barn’. Heavy on the atmospherics, dark and stormy to say the least, this bares resemblance in part to early Deftones, a marvellous cocktail of pure riff power. SardoniS are a band whom although purely an instrumental entity, you never find yourself thinking that in any way this hinders them. In fact, for me it’d be the other way round. I believe that a vocalist would remove what this duo have that is so very special.

Flip the coin and out come the Japanese. Eternal Elysium, leading their charge with thunderous drums lightning guitar work. This is clearly a band who grew up on the ever revered Sabbath, ‘Unbound (Kai Hoh)’ is the title of this track and this is what it feels like, an unbound beast charging through. What comes as a shock is what instrument is added as the end – I’ll leave it a mystery – but it really works is sludgy as fuck and really shines as a testament to how much this band are willing to change the rules.

‘Circulation’ is a quintessential stoner anthem, bluesy guitars with some gritty vocals and almost a Skynyrd approach to the song writing. From the off I would have to say that this is my favourite. It doesn’t fail to impress but when lead into the E.P’s grand finale in ‘The Spiral Conclusion’ it’s instantly clear that all the stops have been pulled out in this one. Released are the full psychedelic powers this stoner collective have to muster. This track kicks you out of the atmosphere into a tranquil; and yet at the same time heavy as hell place, with all instruments used to great effect, I think the bass is the star of the show.

‘Ascending Circulation’ is a collection of everything these bands have to offer but whilst it appears to be short and concise, you’re delivered 5 perfectly formed and finished tracks that any band would be proud of. This is not to be missed!

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