SARKE – Aruagint

SARKE – Aruagint

Take members of Spiral Architect and Tulus and then add vocals from Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto. Sarke is the result, and they’re now on their third release; Aruagint is the name of the beast.

Whilst it’s slightly more relaxed music than some might expect from these musicians (and I do mean only slightly), it’s not to be sniffed at.

Jaunt Of The Obsessed is our opener here – thrashing riffs are the order of the day and boy do they taste good. This album feels cold and doomy from the opening shriek. It’s clear Nocturno’s vocals are on fine form, shredding though the bitter cold and adding to the groove this record delivers. Jodau Aura then slows things down somewhat; to me it feels like being dissected whilst still kicking and screaming, with its almost surgically intense riffs.

Ugly sees things pick up pace once more and we’re taken down a sort of punk style path. Less is more here and rhythm is key for this to work as well as it does. Each track on this release is short, abrasive and feels like a punch to the jaw. Salvation is pure classic thrash, drums pound and bass lines drive the song forward, each note complemented by a growl from Nocturno that would scare the devil himself.

Icon Usurper is the hammering double bass attack that I expected from this release, and whilst the album does deliver a multitude of different things, at times it becomes somewhat lost. There are also definite issues with the pace of the album throughout. That being said, the final track Rabid Hunger is a more than suitable finalé. Doom returns once more, and the slow punching bass lines lead into what becomes a belter of a black metal track.

It’s clear what Sarke are trying to achieve, and whilst at times it appears to fall short, it’s a well rounded release that sits well with their previous work.