SERVANTS OF THE MIST – Gross Knowledge Of Genital Mutilation (EP)

SERVANTS OF THE MIST – Gross Knowledge Of Genital Mutilation (EP)

Hold onto your hats and sensibilities as we take a listen to the latest release from Floridian sludge merchants Servants Of The Mist.

Like Eyehategod’s bigger-younger brother, this band have created a sound of their own laden with darkness and malice. Have a read to understand the destruction.


Servants Of The Mist open this EP with a short intro of samples called Sadism And Suffering which sets an entirely dark an creepy tone for the next track Undeserving. A haze of feedback is our introduction into the evil and oppressive world of Servants Of The Mist long held ringing feedback and crushing simple riffs are the staple of this song. Screamed and growled vocals are also prevalent.

Onward it marches with the beating, trudging footsteps of an uncaged, untamed monster on a path of destruction in the form of a sludge and fuzz attack on the listener: devastating and unforgiving this is an almighty beast of a track. It also includes more atmospheric parts to the song, using guitar lines that really give the heavy parts a sense of size and malevolence.

Commit Suicide begins with another sample of a woman introducing long gone but never forgotten punk rock hellraiser G G Allin before he appears on an American chat show – if you don’t know who G G Allin, is just type his name into YouTube and let the insanity never leave your subconscious. For those who know of the self-confessed saviour of rock music with a messiah complex then maybe you’ll understand what Servants Of The Mist want to achieve with this song.

Setting a new benchmark in darkness and perverse musical pleasures the speed up their sludge sound and and extra dirty to it, the drums in particular help the band achieve a different sound with their intensity. G G Allin would be proud.

The final track on the EP Gross Knowledge Of Genital Mutilation comes all to soon, thus leaving the audience always wanting more. Going back to the slower sound of UndeservingServants Of The Mist create yet another creepy and imposing slab of sludge metal oppression to rival any of the larger bands in the genre. However the focus in this song has shifted towards the vocals which are strong, powerful and overwhelmingly diverse as far as mixing screams and growls goes.

Servants Of The Mist haven’t got any material from this EP on YouTube as of yet but here is Absence from 2013’s Suicide Sex Pact EP:

Overall for sludge metal and extreme metal fans in general this should be an enjoyable, at the very least interesting, listen but be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart. Servants Of The Mist have created a dark, twisted and evil sounding EP that should be seen as a resounding success.

Gross Knowledge Of Genital Mutilation is a great EP which sludge and heavy doom fans will love. It sounds like it has been crafted just inside the gates of Hell it is the exact sound of pain, misery and depression; which, believe me, are good things.