SIGIRIYA – Darkness Died Today

SIGIRIYA – Darkness Died Today

Sigiriya have returned with their newest offering Darkness Died Today. Let’s hope it lives up to their first effort Return To Earth.

Hailing from Swansea this band really pack a punch with heavy stoner riffs and effective use of interesting ideas rarely heard of in the genre.


Sigiriya open their new record with a crunchy and ballsy riff. Soaring vocals soon accompany it to lift it to a higher point of energy and enjoyment. This riff is the centric element of the song which is playing to a great strength, this kind of heavy stoner is obviously something that the band do well, and if Dragging The Bones is an indicator to what we’ll hear on the rest of the album it’s a very strong start.

The chorus and solo only assure us that this is a powerful and very well thought out first track. Guided By Mountains is far more melodic fare, where an acoustic guitar intro builds the atmosphere for the electric guitars to produce long held chords to give the track a sense of size. The main riff to the song is also somewhat chuggy, leading into more melodic refrains until the bridge about halfway through the song which brings layered guitars into the mix.

Overall, this is a good song but a slight let down from the first. Sigiriya may have been better to put it somewhere around the middle of the album. Fuzzy bass heavy delights reside however in the form of Return To Earth; a slab of stoner goodness to rival The Sword. A confident and well defined song that hits hard with a gut punch from the get go, this shows Sigiriya back to the sound of the first track.

Sigiriya, with only two songs remaining on this album, take it back to all out speed and chugging with the aptly named Freedom Engines. An interesting song, it uses the blueprint for stoner metal with an experimental edge that brings something new to the genre, wah pedals and discordant melodic notes are used to great effect to produce a much richer sound to their roster.

Even the bridge in the middle of the song uses a lot of different techniques, being more drum orientated and using natural harmonics on the guitars before kicking back into high gear. With only one track left Sigiriya pick up where they left off with Sleeping With The Dogs, a song that bolts out of the gate that the previous song had left closed. Guitars and drums are more in-sync on this song than any other, with the bass driving the charge and the vocals cheering too. The pit shall open and heads shall bang.

Blending great stoner riffs, speed and intelligence Sigiriya have created a sound all of their own to be proud of. With hopefully more to come like Darkness Died Today they’ll see themselves packing venues out with fans ready to throw-down.

This is a strong effort from Sigiriya that should be placed on the shelf of stoner enthusiasts everywhere: a great listen.