SIRENIA – Perils Of The Deep Blue

SIRENIA – Perils Of The Deep Blue


Norwegian symphonic metallers Sirenia have returned with their new record, Perils Of The Deep Blue. It’s an album that defies even my expectations. Why, you ask? Have a butchers below and find out for yourselves!

This is their third full length release with former Spanish X-Factor contestant Ailyn, and their sixth in total. Ailyn is truly in her stride and Sirenia have never sounded better.

Normally, with these symphonic metal reviews, you wouldn’t be surprised if I compared the band to Nightwish and/or Within Temptation. This isn’t quite possible with this release. Whilst it retains all the components; delicate and soaring female vocals, lyrics and themes based around mythology, and all the epic power that can be mustered by Odin and his companions, this one is different. This is Sirenia!

Whilst I’ve been a fan of this band for some time (their second record, I think, first caught my attention), it’s only now that they have given me something truly astounding and amazing. This record kicks off in the most epic of ways; a Latin titled track: Ducere Me In Lucem. It begins with intricate piano playing, which cascades into haunting soprano vocals. Imagine this as the song of a siren and you’re not far off. Enchanting music at it’s finest. This draws you in to the pure cannon fire that comes next (I will keep the nautical jokes to a minimum – I promise!).

Seven Widows Weep starts hard and fast, with chanted vocals and some sweet guitar lines. These meet with hammering drums, feeding into the Dimmu Borgir-esque growls of Morten Veland and then back into the collected and soaring lines of Ailyn. Their vocals entwine all the way through – a nicely thought out equilibrium. Darkness falls with the following number, My Destiny Coming To Pass. It is the very definition of a symphonic metal track: synth meets drums, meets surgically executed guitar riffage, and even a choir gets involved!

Darkling plunges the album back into the depths, as darker riffs meet with the growls and vocal harmony. Lyrically, this track is based around demons and exorcism. The title of the synth-driven track Decadence says it all. It’s grandiose and sounds massive. The schizophrenic vocal styles contrast well here and the synth gives it an electric drive.

Having a track called The Funeral March on your record means it has to deliver on atmosphere, darkness, and quality. This is a track that when listened to, it will give you the sensation of drowning – after your boat has been attacked by the almighty Kraken! Piercing and stark indeed, this track gives a feeling of true desperation. Profound Scars continues this darkness, but loses the ethereal elements and becomes a maelstrom, swallowing you whole. Crushing riffs pair up with seriously meaty vocal hooks. It’s a hit folks!

A Blizzard Is Coming finishes up the record. The slamming drums in this track remind me of Kamelot – the giant sound they’ve gotten down to a ‘T’ on this record is present more than ever for this grand finale, and the album is wrapped up with a short but sweet guitar solo and pure symphonic power. The record is now over – please flip back to side A and start again!

Sirenia have given their all for this release, and it shows. This record is powerful, crushing, delicate, haunting and a number of other brilliant things. This is a beacon of light for the symphonic metal world – this IS a defining album! Now, tour?

For Fans Of: Epica, Amaranthe, Kamelot, Dimmu Borgir, ReVamp …and of course Nightwish!