There is no-one on this earth that doesn’t know who Slash is, if by some miracle there is? Throw Appetite For Destruction at them and save their life from the dreary outpouring of Coldplay-esque music they’ve been living in.

Anyway, so when said legendary guitar player wants to form a band, he effectively has the pick of the best and brightest. So take Myles Kennedy, a man with one of the best vocals in rock today and add in Todd Kerns on bass and Brent Fitz on drums and you’re in for one hell of a party.

The previous outing for The Conspirators came in the form of Apocalyptic Love and was less than impressive, thankfully the opening bars of first track World On Fire already forgives sins gone by. Slash and Myles have pooled their resources for this outing. Clocking in at over 70 minutes this album is a monster and the seventeen tracks that follow walk the line between ballads and balls out rock and roll. They meld old styles with new tricks and this only aids in bringing about a raw and dangerous sound that surges with shimmering rock fury.

Wicked Stone has all the groove and then some, Kennedy’s vocal is filthy and on point. Its riff after riff attack comes cradled by a powerful and entertaining rhythm section. This is ultimately music to strip to, to get drunk to, to live, fuck and fight to. That doesn’t mean the album doesn’t have a sensitive side however.

The outlaw rock ‘n’ roll comes with a conscience, Bent To Fly is soaked in Alter Bridge sensibility, Myles’ vocals soar with all the bluesy tones you’d need or wish for. Too Far Gone is back to the rock ‘n’ roll riff fest that we all know and expect of Slash. Mark my words, this album will be one of THE albums of 2014 and this will see The Conspirators reach appropriately dizzy heights of acclaim in their own right. Tracks like Withered and Dirty Girl roll with the punches, this American brand of arena rock sounds particularly huge and this is just the tip of the iceberg. On the flipside the album is the grungy sound of the 90s refreshed in the form of Iris Of The Storm which happens to be my favourite of this seventeen chapter journey.

Finishing up the album is The Unholy, a perfect representation of everything this album is about. No bullshit rock music that has no hidden agenda and is here to simply make you wanna enjoy yourself. Do yourself a favour, crack open a beer and crank this album up loud. You won’t regret it!

Sheer exuberant quality.

It’s impossible to not relate Slash’s work back to his previous band. When listening to World On Fire you can’t help but feel this is the album Chinese Democracy should have been, with all members of this band utilizing their individual skills to an end that makes for a spectacular release that I believe will top charts worldwide.

It happens from time to time when all of the circumstances are right and something magnificent is produced. This is exactly that time. This release lives up to it’s name and it really will set the World On Fire.