SLEEPERS AWAKE – Transcension

SLEEPERS AWAKE – Transcension

Formed in 2005, these progressive metallers go by the name Sleepers Awake, and they come from Columbus, Ohio. They are here to deliver their new album, a seventy minute joyride of peace, anxiety and thundering vocals. Let’s go!

Following on from their début album Priests Of The Fire, the next installment of Sleepers Awake‘s music is the beautifully put together Trancension. It’s a performance which will definitely open some closed eyes.


Diving straight in with The Augur, they round up some good crunching guitar sounds along with a melodic rhythm. You know the sex faces guitarists pull? Well, this reviewer does it while listening to the opening track. There’s a feeling of Perfect Circle or Life Of Agony during this opening slot – and this is how to start off a record! Check out the video below, where you’ll see what I mean.

There is plenty of influence from the likes of modern prog groups like Tool, old school bands like Rush, and also a certain similarity to Fall Out Boy in these tracks – there’s some catchy lyrics and playful guitar noises. The entire record is a Transcension of genre, as there’s a lot of variation. During each track, the style will switch between something new and something old.

Stand out tracks for me? Apparitions brings a wonderful, soulful sound to the album – Chris Thompson’s obvious vocal talents are there for us all to hear. The guitar sounds change from immensely calm to crunching, the ever flowing drumming is awesome, and the changing of style during the tracks is impressive stuff. These guys are very tight.

Slave Within is another great track. It’s over eight minutes long, and again, is a mix of beautiful soulful guitars, and sweeping darkness. It’s like watching someone experience two very different emotions in a short space of time, whilst also smashing their way through the sound barrier…

You can listen to the full album right here and now whilst you read on:

Circles Of Division allows the guitarists to show off their skills once more, opening of the track. We get a crunching rhythm section again, before the playfully soulful sound comes along once more to join the party. Sleepers Awake have such a chilled sound. It’s smooth and stoner at the same time.

Transcension is a mesh of head banging, growling lyrics, melodies, soul, and also leaves me wondering what the hell is going on at times. These guys really hit the spot though.

They achieve exactly what they set out to do, to make something new, and not be tied down to a specific genre. It’s an approach to be applauded and respected.