SNAKEBITE – Created From Nothing

SNAKEBITE – Created From Nothing

Snakebite are a 4 piece metal band from South-East London, of which people may be familiar with due to the fact that they have played both the U.K’s Bloodstock Festival & Germany’s Wacken festival in 2010.

‘Created From Nothing’ is the bands début album and what a storming album it is to say the least! Opening “Created From Nothing” is ‘Monolith’ and its clear from the off who these guys influences are, with riffs that could choke a horse with a voice to match.

I think the best way to describe these guys is Down jamming with Killswitch Engage. Vocalist Jason Smith is absolutely electric throughout this album switching to Anselmo-esque grunts to Killswitch styled screams with everything inbetween.

The album pretty much follows the same fast paced pattern with ‘Lament’ and ‘Face Ache‘ both great songs, which in a live environment I bet they are nothing short of superb. The pace slows a little on ‘Laplace’s Demon‘ which is definately one of the highlights of the album, a more mid paced, doom ridden song, very much influenced by Down here with a slight touch of Sabbath, but when the standard is this high who cares who they sound like?

‘Skinful of Truth’ ‘Feral Child’ and ‘Hypnos Calling’ are 3 of the most aggressive songs on the album, again the vocals are highly intense and the riffs which come from guitarist Andrew Matthews are as dirty and infection as anyone else in this genre, again vocally, Jason Smith is on fire, often crossing into a black metal style scream in parts due to the sheer intensity.

‘Back to the Sun‘ is the mellow song of the album and at 8:52 is also the longest. With most ‘Stoner’ bands the fast songs normally rip you in half and the slow songs are enough to make you float off to sleep if you’ve had a smoke or 2, this is no exception with Snakebite, the song is sung almost identically to any of Pantera/Down‘s slower songs and the comparison to Phil Anselmo, I doubt is accidental, but the song itself is a fine piece of music showcasing that the band arent just a one trick pony.

‘Mother of all Bastards‘ is the closing track on the album, another thick slice of dirty stoner metal, perhaps not quite as good as the stuff earlier on the album but nevertheless a fine way to end what really is a quite fantastic album and a surprising breath of fresh air from a British band. This album could easily hang with the best of what the U.S have to offer in terms of dirty, doomy metal!

Production wise this is more or less spot on, I do however feel that maybe there could have a touch more oomph on the drumming side, the playing itself is not an issue at all as Cris Finniss does a more than good job on the skins, the snare does at times seem somewhat lost in the mix but this is just a minor niggle and really doesn’t take much away from the greatness of the songs on the album.

As far as Snakebite go as a whole, these guys are off to a awesome start with ‘Created From Nothing‘ I expect to hear big things from this band in the future!

Keep your eyes peeled for this and if you ever get the chance to see these guys live I highly recommend it, these songs are made to be heard live.

Highly recommended!


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