SNUFFEST – Kraanium, Basement Torture Killings and more at The Black Heart, Camden

SNUFFEST – Kraanium, Basement Torture Killings and more at The Black Heart, Camden

There is no more satisfying a way to spend a Saturday than indulging in a lengthy evening packed full of slam. Period. It’s the death metal equivalent of going out for a mighty three course meal full of wine, steak and cheese boards, and tonight’s crowd are starving hungry for slice after slice of dirty, sumptuous brutality.

obscene entity

Opening this afternoons Pandora’s box of gore are Suffolk three piece Obscene Entity. The band set the afternoons proceedings off to an appropriately heavy start, as they deliver a splendid, half an hour of sonic battery. Obscene Entity‘s set is satisfyingly packed chock full of monsterous riffs and harsh, gravelly vocals that provide quite the technically tantalising delight for the early birds of today. The bands broad range of influences is prominent in this afternoons performance, as they combine aggressive death metal with more experimental,prog sounding grooves at points.

Gnarly grinders Black Skies Burn are up next and succeed in blasting any remnants of a Friday hangover out of the window. Black Skies Burn have been touring relentless this year and as result have honed their live performances into nothing short of a relentless death grind assault from start to finish. With Simon Manion’s intense, gargling vocals and drummer Steve Butler churning out insane blast beat after blast beat, Black Skies Burn are raw and aggressive treat that add a joyful slice of variety into this afternoons party.

The first terrifying slam band of the evening grace the stage now in the form of Bristolians Necrosis. Complete with chilling song intros, downright filthy grooves and Ben Sims’ menacing stage presence, Necrosis deliver harrowing set jam packed full of such intense slamming noise. Necrosis’ set this evening proves however that they’re no average, pig squealing slammers, the band play with enviable technicality and skill and their sound packs just as much of a punch with it’s precision as it does with it’s brutality. Filling up The Black Heart nicely, Necrosis are precisely what tonight’s audience is looking for.

Next up on the bill are blinding UK and Italian hybrid Trifixion. Keeping their songs suitably uncomfortable sounding and grotesque, Trifixion provide welcome addition to tonight’s bill full of brutality. As they also bring some weighty technicality to today’s proceedings, Trifixion give their last ever performance their absolute all. It’s easily safe to say that this marks a sad day in the UK death metal scene as this incredibly talented band blasts the roof off the Black Heart one last time. Hats off to you Trifixion, thanks for five years of brilliance.

Trifixion 2012

In keeping with theme of intense, European gore this evening, Belgian quartet Fractured Insanity are next up on this evenings platter of audible splatter. Death metal fanatics always hit a gold mine when they discover quality brutal tech-death, the ultimate box-ticker of all extreme genres. Fractured Insanity indeed deliver a set full of unrelenting noise that’s clearly going down well with the crowd this evening. Tonight’s performance proves that the band have clearly honed and perfected their sound.

Cheeky Mancunians Foetal Juice are a most suitable choice next,as the beers flow and the crowd gets rowdier, UK death metal Jesters successfully manage to whip up the piss heads into a wind milling frenzy. Busting out the gleefully humorous belters Big Trouble in Little Vagina and Service Station Masturbation, Foetal Juice add some much needed light hearted fun and frolics to such an intense gig. Foetal Juice also win the award for “most comical merch of the evening,” displaying a fantastic, Beatle’s spoof “Life at Scabby Road” T-shirt.

When you hear the harrowing chimes of the Countdown clock, you know you’re in for an audio onslaught like nothing you have experienced before and an audio onslaught is exactly what you’re in for with Irish aggression machines Warpath. Firmly bringing the Warparty to the Black Heart this evening, the powerful five piece bring such a thunderous and energetic brand of brutal death metal that can barely be contained on the Black Heart’s small stage. With their groovy riffs and forceful, guttural vocals, Warpath’s performance this evening is one of a band who pride themselves on having the utmost passion for creating racketty death metal of the highest order.

cancerous womb

From one band of Celtic ferocity now to another as Scots Cancerous Womb take to the stage. As always, Cancerous Womb’s unique brand of infectious, death metal is an invigorating hit with this evening’s ever increasing crowd. The band’s originality is always a welcoming listen, as their lively, thrash influences are prevalent in their performance this evening. As vocalist Chris Lewis stomps enthusiastically about the stage, Cancerous Wombs live shows are evidently getting more and more mighty every time. Playing plenty of killer tracks from their first full length release this year Born of a Cancerous Womb that all go down a storm, 2014 is turning into quite the year for these four merry men.

Over to tonight’s hosts now as it’s Basement Torture Killings turn to unleash their terrifying brand of perversity and horror onto the crowd. Despite recent line up changes, Basement Torture Killings show today still packs a sinister and unnerving punch (there’s something even more disturbing about death metal when it comes from masked men in cardigans). The latest BTK line up shows strong potential for being their heaviest yet, however tonight’s show revealed a new, unmasked performance by some members. Is this the dawning of a new, even more sadistic chapter in the BTK book?

Drawing this awesome evening to a close now are Norwegian slam juggernauts Kraanium. As the slamtastic opening riffs of Post Mortal Fixation mutate into the sickening opus Stillborn Necrotic Fuck Feast, the Black Heart erupts into a frenzy of beautifully violent madness. Everywhere you turn there is nothing but sweat, beer and thick slam from all directions. Kraanium are a band who are at the absolute top of their game, busting out riff after riff of glorious, brutal death metal like nothing else. If ever you want to experience the full wonder of extreme music, get yourself to a Kraanium show and let the Kings of slam educate you. 


Editors note: Excuse the lack of recent band shots, why is it that brutal slammers don’t get fucking photoshoots that often, eh?