STAMPKASE Seek New Band Members And Offer Album For Free

STAMPKASE Seek New Band Members And Offer Album For Free

Stampkase seeking new band members

Portugese modern metallers STAMPKASE are celebrating the first anniversary of the release of their debut album “Mechanorganism“.

To mark this date, the band has made the album available for free download at Bandcamp until December 3rd.

The band have also announced that two of their founding members, André Viveiros [vocals] and Bruno Moniz [guitars] have quit.

The band comments:

“There are many reasons to build upon from here, but nothing is more important than the following: no such success (and success here’s meaning not fame nor luxury) is achieved without minimum availability to work. No rest should be allowed when you are just an average musician that needs to work hard to improve. Everybody shall do it for the sake of their music and with respect for people who support it. There’s nothing odd here, we praise our capacities but standards have always to be set high even if you’re not competing to get over the incredibly talented artists out there (that’s not even a reasonable point). Simply maintaining a decent level that justifies our existence.

Anyway, it is more than proved that to keep things tight you’ll need time to focus on this. Life changes, people change, there’s nothing worrying about this. But things have to keep moving and the only way it is possible is if you are actually there!”

Read the full statement here:

That said, the band is now looking for new elements, no matter where they are based on the planet. Everyone who is into the band’s music should leave the band a message via Facebook or the band’s official e-mail below.

For those who would still prefer a physical release of the album (digipack with 12 page booklet and artwork from the British art wizard Colin Marks – Exodus, Kataklysm, Fleshgod Apocalypse) should get in touch with the band via Facebook or