SUBURBAN LEGENDS – Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are

SUBURBAN LEGENDS – Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are

Pop Punk jokers Suburban Legends are back, this time with an EP of Disney classics

Love or hate these covers I can guarantee you won’t be able to hide from them.


The reason for this is simple.  Unless you stay at home playing on your X-Station all day and night between listening to music you’ll no doubt end up at a venue of some description.  People get drunk at venues and this is exactly the sort of music legless rock fans want to goof off to, or at least DJ’s think they do.

History shows us that once the beer has flowed sufficiently songs like The Toy Dolls version of Nellie The Elephant go down a storm.  Suburban Legends know this and are rather skilfully tapping into that market.

The real trick they manage to pull off is to not come across as cynical.  In fact their choice of songs and the way they are handled in a kind of down to earth fashion makes the listening experience rather engaging.  I’m not even that familiar with some of the content but because of the reasonably competent arrangements and lack of “look at me” polish it’s very hard not to like this EP.  That said I’ve no doubt some will loathe it with a passion.

The acoustic treatment given to Beauty And The Beast shows that when pushed the Orange County funsters can truly pull something magical out of the hat.  With a slight ska accent this is the song I can imagine sozzled metalheads singing along to at the end of the evening before much group hugging and passing out.  Meanwhile the designated drivers will be soberly wondering if their friends have lost their marbles while still begrudgingly tapping their toes.

An EP that is truly aural marmite, and best served after last orders.