I’m sure Harper Lee would have a wry smile at how Tequila Mockingbyrd have used her novel as the basis for their name.

It’s a clever play on words, and that’s not the only smart thing to come from this rocking Aussie three piece either.

This four track EP might only be a teaser of more to come but it hints at not just good things from down under but the beginnings of a new Seattle sound.  This time good old fashioned rock has replaced grunge but with both this band and MetalMouth favourites Massive coming from the world’s most livable city Melbourne you have to wonder if we’re about to see another musical hotspot forming.  Where Massive are all about big grin rock and roll Tequila Mockingbyrd use a slightly toned down smoother approach to get their message across.

That’s not to say their music lacks punch, far from it.  It’s just that rather than swinging wildly these girls are sassy enough to pick their moment to let you have a haymaker.  Money Tree bounces along quite nicely until just over half way through, then the chorus goes up a gear and you find yourself being carried along like a surfer who’s just lost their board.  This is infectious to the point where I can imagine crowds going nuts when it’s played live.

The only real issue with T-Byrds Are Go is that it gives a few mixed signals about where the band are going.  While the opener is a peach elsewhere you get a sense that this is a group full of confidence but still finding their direction.  Showing this perfectly is Catalyst a slow burning near grunge experience that has some decent touches but is left with a bit of an identity crisis which allows it to flounder somewhat by lacking focus.  Neatly sidestepping being tagged as just another rock band by choosing to experiment with a softer sound and less conventional rhythms is to be applauded though, and for the most part Tequila Mockingbyrd leave most other bands in their wake.

T-Byrds Are Go is a promising statement of intent, and hopefully a prequel to a bright future for Tequila Mockingbyrd

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