The 69 Eyes – X

The 69 Eyes – X

The 69 Eyes present ‘X’, a dark, lusty and emotion filled Goth ‘n’ Roll record.

X is everything you want it to be, a true return to the glam style sleaze they created some 20 plus years previous.

It’s been three years since their last effort ‘Back In Blood’ since then the game has changed, with Black Veil Brides dominating the glam/goth rock empire, The 69 Eyes had to pull out something amazing from inside their velvet lined coffins. This album is darker than anything this band have unleashed before. This album will break your heart.

From the off this album is dark, perfectly produced and is showcasing the brilliant musicians these guys are, this album is different from anything the band have done before, and whilst this record doesn’t have the filth involved like ‘Back In Blood’ , what it does have is emotion, the sound is cleaner, less of a sleaze edge to it, the vocals are filled with passion. The guitar tones are clearer than ever before, but this actually makes the music seem darker, it’s brooding, it’s silk like. It’s bloody great.

The track ‘Tonight’ is something that draws from the bands long history, with the including of  80’s style synth playing. ‘X’ contains many simple yet stark and striking melodies, allowing the perfect mix of glam and goth, light and dark. The second single, ‘Borderline’ is really quite removed from anything the band have done to date, with a dusty southern guitar tone, it’s something that wouldn’t be out of place in the TV show ‘True Blood’.

Whilst being largely slow and emotional, it has its fast tempo goth club anthem in ‘I’m Ready’. This track has an energy designed to force shape throwing. Coming to the end, it gets dark fast, it has Halloween written all over it, slow and melodic builds into soaring chorus’. The last track on this record, aptly entitled ‘When Love Comes To An End’ is where Jyrki lays down all the passion a man can muster into this atmospheric track, clean guitars and brush stroked drums fading into a the sounds of a distant thunderstorm makes for a soft and atmospheric ending to a beautifully crafted record.

The Helsinki Vampires over the past 20 years have slowly matured their sound akin to a fine vintage red wine. This album is testament to a natural evolution of a band as relevant today as ever before.

For fans of: Type O Negative and H.I.M.

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