A dash of Lacuna Coil, a pinch of Garbage, a squeeze of NIN, a spoonful of Massive Attack and a fuck load of synth all come together to create something insanely dark with The Creptter Children.

Hailing from Australia, these goth rockers come laden with catchy hooks and more than enough groove to get even the most hard faced metallers up and throwing some shapes.

After releasing ‘Possessed’ in 2010 the duo responsible decided it was time for a second attack of Europe before unleashing their second full length release upon us. Air like vocals mixed with pure distortion and a nightmare laden groove lead us into the belly of the beast that are The Creptter Children.

This album heads into a serious beat right from the off, distorted guitars/male vocals, over layered with punk rock vocals that would put Courtney Love to shame, with the opening track ‘Feel My Pain’ you definitely can see the intent right from the off, with a sound that to me is decidedly 90’s synth pop, this isn’t a bad thing, it all holds a certain amount of familiarity, yet comes crashing at you all at the same time, leading into what should be a goth dance anthem in ‘High’.  ‘I Live’ kicks in with the line ‘Don’t touch me because I’m made of poison’, before blasting though into the unrelenting tribal drum beats that just compliment the down tuned guitar and breathy vocals.

You’re lead into the only real ballad of sorts on this record in the track ‘Love Hurts’, an emotional track, which literally is like listening to someone having their heart ripped out, but atmospheric and almost ambient for a start, before being plunged into the cadaverous soul of the track, a bouncing chorus made for dancing!

The title track leads in with an almost Rammstein like intro, backed up by heavily distorted vocals and a bombastic guitar work, whilst this song has the darkness you can come to expect from The Creptter Children, they still fluidly deliver a sugary electronic pop beat that could(with the right marketing) become so extremely well known as genre defying dance classics.

These guys have obviously taken something from all the bands they love, pouring it into a cauldron and delivered some of the best goth dance metal that I’ve ever heard without becoming repetitive like so many industrial bands, I’m also seriously impressed that this effort comes from a duo(backed up with session players when live), definitely something worth listening to, to dance to and to drink to!

For Fans Of – Blaqk Audio, Lacuna Coil, Rammstein, The Birthday Massacre.


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