The Psycho Season - Unwilling

The Psycho Season come charging straight out of North Finland to offer up their first EP Unwilling. This four track record is highly influenced by rock legends such as Chris Cornell, The Rolling Stones, and also by genres inhabited by groups like Pantera and Kyuss.

There’s also a noticeable influence from bands of the 90s grunge era. The band consider themselves as dark rock group.

Pushing the play button, the first track Unwilling began. I will admit to you all that I found this one hard to listen to. I even considered stopping, as for me, it felt like a few tracks rolled into one – like they were all playing from a different song sheet. There was something there though…

Truth followed on from Unwilling, and suddenly this EP got a lot better. The song starts out gently, with a good drum beat, and then in come the vocals – sung by Lauri Peistera. He sounds quite like Chris Cornell during the time he was fronting Audioslave. Preposterous War takes a more mellow turn than the first two songs; and the guys seem to get tighter with each track. Therefore, let’s continue listening.

The last track of the EP is entitled Ill-Fated Man. It begins with a nice short blast of what Raine Kyro and Simo Lukkari can do on their respective axes. Patu Ekdahl bashes out a nice drum beat while Peistera kicks things off with his vocals; add in a groovy bass line by Juho Manninen, and this track, for me, totally stands out from the rest of Unwilling.

Unwilling is difficult to review. I like what I heard, but it started off struggling. I feel that there is so much more to come from this Finnish outfit. With the possibility of more EPs (or an album) to come, their future will be very exciting.

Check these guys out. If you want to be part of watching a small band grow, start following them and get on board with what they can do  – and they’ll hopefully give the world more music soon. The Psycho Season have a lot of talent and hopefully they can improve on this in future releases.

They have been constantly touring and building their fanbase for a while, so get on this ride and enjoy the journey – this reviewer is excited to see what else they can do.

For Fans Of: Audioslave, Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, Alice in Chains, Beer and Whiskey.