THE RED PAINTINGS – The Revolution Is Never Coming

THE RED PAINTINGS – The Revolution Is Never Coming

The Red Paintings - The Revolution is Never Coming

The Red Paintings is brought to you by a visionary musician, an enigmatic enigma, the founding member Trash McSweeney. After a near fatal seizure, he is now able to visualise music in colour.

The Revolution is Never Coming is the long-awaited full-length album from the project. It has taken five years to make – was it worth the wait?

This album begins at a slow melodic pace with a great atmosphere. McSweeney utilises a pained, softly spoken style of vocals, reminiscent of Maynard Keenan of Tool, Perfect Circle and Puscifer. The music itself could be compared to Radiohead, as there are some powerful but unnerving musical flourishes in this record.

Wasps offers another way to listen to The Red Paintings. After the lyrics “The UFO’s are coming,” the alien invasion smashes its way through the song, with a mix of heavy guitars and some truly thunderous drumming, paired alongside a faster, heavier vocal style from McSweeney. The drum beat assists the creeping visions of what may be happening in the mind of the originator of this band.

Check out Wasps here:

Streets Fell Into My Window is an (even more) freaked-out version of the story of Alice in Wonderland, and the deep anxiety-fuelling storytelling is pure pleasure. McSweeney & Co employ angst-ridden vocals, and the mellow sound of instruments like a beautiful violin. This is definitely for you if you’re a fan of Tool and Radiohead, but it also has a Nirvana feel to it at times, especially in Hong Kong 2012. This is beautiful and emotive music brought to the surface from a talented and impressive musician.

It’s amazing how certain instruments intertwine with each other on this record; they know their place and how special their sound is for each tune. Mixed with the vocals of McSweeney, it’s out of this world, (I said that because if the alien connotations, get it?). At one stage the album did lose me, and that is a worry, but not to fear, it got back on track soon enough.

The Revolution Is Never Coming might be the title of the album, but this band could definitely cause some sort of upheaval to the talent we see in the charts and on the music video screens.

The Red Paintings is a band that would be very interesting to see live, as I’d like to see how all this goes together. Using the talents of an orchestra assists in making this rock very emotive. Perhaps it should be called ‘Orchestral Art Rock’?


For Fans Of: Tool. Perfect Circle, Radiohead, Nirvana.