TITANS EVE – Life Apocalypse

TITANS EVE – Life Apocalypse

Canada’s thrash maniacs Titans Eve return with a sequel to last years critically acclaimed debut ‘The Divine Equal’.

Opening track Overcast’ is an almost instrumental guitar chord piece intro lulling you into a false sense of security, before the guitars and drums kick in leading straight into ‘Destined to Die’ with its no thrills facemelting thrash attack and old school early Testamant style lyrics, with clean cut vocals and a hint of Viking Skull thrown in for good measure.


‘Road to Ruin’ continues with a barrage of drums opening up and an almost post hardcore angst driven vocals being the order of business as thrash and hardcore collide resulting in brutal beatdowns and old school thrash infused guitar solos being the weapon of choice. ‘The Abyss’ continues on oozing raw power at break neck speed, pausing briefly for superb guitar solo work before continuing on it relentless guitar driven path.

‘Descension’ is a short (29 seconds long) instrumental and acts as a perfect foil for launching ‘Life Apocalypse‘ which comes bursting out of the starting blocks with its biker rock influenced guitar driven sounds and Viking Skull style vocals.

‘A Wound That  Never Heals’ is an acoustic instrumental piece and presents a different, softer side to Titans Eve’s sounds slowing the pace right down before ‘Hollow Gods’ takes a harsher, almost metalcore approach with its brutal vocals and technical beatdowns a trend which continues through ‘Divided We Fall’.

‘Frozen in Time’ and ‘The Void’ take a more post hardcore approach, with guttural blasting vocals taking prominence throughout the songs producing an almost Killing Joke feel to them.

Overall Life Apocalypse contains some cracking first rate tunes but the constant changes in style throughout the album detract from it’s overall feel.



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