TWO-BIT SISTER – The Jackal (EP)

TWO-BIT SISTER – The Jackal (EP)

Leon Peskett and Connor Bluemel are the joint force that created Two-Bit Sister, a name they came up with after watching the movie The Royal Tenenbaums.

Being friends since school days and occasionally jamming together in years gone by, they decided jam together once more – and this time something clicked.


This two piece who hail from Margate in Kent has been playing furiously around many music venues since their formation in 2013 and a quick turnaround these two guys release their debut EP The Jackal. Leon takes care of lead vocals and guitar, while Connor is the sticks man and provides backing vocals. They’re heavily influenced by groups like Nirvana and Band Of Skulls, and also by Jack White.

Their up-tempo alternative rock has infectious grooves, particularly the opening, self-titled track. The gentle guitar playing sounds very much like Jake Bugg, which definitely isn’t harsh on the ears. Times turns it up a notch – it’s probably the best track from the EP and Peskett really adds something extra to his vocals here.

In their short tenure as a band since 2013 they’ve produced something which sounds very raw – reminiscent of what Silverchair sounded like when they arrived on the scene.

Two-Bit Sister know where they’re going, and have promising talents which will hopefully continue to drive them to make more music and evolve as a band.

For Fans Of: Jake Bugg, QOTSA, Band of Skulls